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Rep. Gosar Supports Chinese Peace Outline, Demands Nord Stream Investigation, Warns World Is Turning Against U.S.

March 6, 2023, 2022 (EIRNS)—Congressman Paul Gosar (R-AZ) had several interesting topics in his latest newsletter, including the need for peace in Ukraine, support for the Chinese peace proposal, a call to investigate Seymour Hersh’s claims that the U.S. sabotaged the Russo-German Nord Stream pipelines, and a recognition that major powers of the world—Russia, China, and India, in particular—are turning against the United States.

On the need for peace in Ukraine, Gosar asserts that “the Biden regime continues its frantic and hysterical path to start World War III. Another clown in the Biden administration, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, arrogantly demanded that American taxpayers endlessly fund Ukraine and its war, including payment to its retirees and pensions. With no irony, Yellen claimed it was a ‘moral’ duty to fund this war and kill people. The moral duty is to strive for peace.”

He supports the Chinese peace proposal—in fact, he practically takes credit for it! “The Chinese government, following in my footsteps, has called for peace negotiations before a nuclear world war breaks out between the United States and Russia. China detailed a 12-point cease fire plan that would lead to peace talks. The Chinese government is showing common sense and helping the world avoid a potential nuclear war between the United States and Russia. We need more countries demanding peace and bringing an end to this war.”

Gosar acknowledges that the relationships of China and India to Russia are only growing stronger. “Biden’s reckless actions are creating a situation where India, China and other countries work on creating an alliance, including an economic alliance, that could devalue the dollar and hurt our global standing.”

Seymour Hersh’s exposé of the planning of the attack on the Nord Stream pipelines gets significant play in Gosar’s newsletter. “Credible research and investigation from journalist Seymour Hersh conclude that U.S. Navy divers planted bombs on a Russian pipeline called Nord Stream, and blew it up. The United Nations concluded that Russia did not bomb its own pipeline, which seems obvious, but it was investigated because the United States claimed Russia did so.” He quotes Hersh at length and concludes:

“I have been consistent from the outset. The United States has no business in a war against Russia and spending hundreds of billions of taxpayers’ money. We have no business propping up Ukraine, one of the most corrupt and authoritarian regimes in the world. If Mr. Hersh is correct, and he has a lengthy career of respectable journalism, this would constitute an act of war and endangers all of us. Russia would have the right to retaliate if not escalate directly against us, for example, by bombing the Alaska pipeline. I can tell you directly that we have not debated this in Congress. We did not authorize acts of war against Russia. We did not authorize military attacks on Russian infrastructure. This is a dangerous escalation that could imperil our country. The Biden regime is not authorized to engage in these rogue acts that could bring devastating consequences to us.”

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