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Will ‘The Spirit of Bandung’ Rekindle ‘The Spirit of 1989’?

March 12, 2023, 2022 (EIRNS)—The power of reason is on the march in world affairs. The triumph for humanity in the recently-concluded Beijing-Iran-Saudi Arabia negotiations is only “humiliating” to the United States, or for NATO countries, for those that think like inhuman predators, like John Bolton, Samantha Power, Liz Truss, Tony Blinken, Boris Johnson, Victoria “cookie” Nuland, and most of the present incarnation of the State Department. To people for whom ideas matter, it is a sign that what happened in Europe in 1989, can now happen worldwide, so long as the Anglo-Malthusians are displaced from their power or influence. After all, most of the world’s nations have made clear, if sometimes privately, their preference for the policy-outlook expressed in the Belt and Road Initiative, or the policies enunciated by the BRICS nations. They are opposed to being “a cock-boat in the wake of a NATO man-of-war” in Ukraine. And last week’s bank tremors from California’s Silicon Valley Bank collapse indicate that even the theft last year of Russian assets, far from “defending Ukraine,” might have as much to do with defending, “by any means necessary,” from near-term system meltdown.

Yes, the Establishment, and particularly the Biden Administration, in the words of journalist Seymour Hersh, “is in a real mess.” But how might a new order of reason be brought about, given the “principalities and powers” that are provoking thermonuclear war? Those assembled at yesterday’s Schiller institute Youth Conference were given an insight into how to discover the answer, from Helga Zepp-LaRouche in her keynote:

“The good news is, there is right now since yesterday, a diplomatic revolution going on in the entire Middle East and Southwest Asia. Now, the term diplomatic revolution in one sense is a paradox; because either you have a diplomatic solution or you have a revolution. But in this case, it is the diplomacy which made the revolution....

“This is the sign of the new paradigm, of what can happen all over the world. The whole package, this is not just Saudi Arabia and Iran. This involves China, it involves the Belt and Road Initiative, it involves the BRICS countries and the 24 countries that have applied for membership in the BRICS, and, therefore, a new economic system. It involves the end of the petrodollar, and the beginning of a new currency based on completely different principles....”

The poetic principle, inventing a new conception, “diplomatic revolution,” transcending an apparent paradox regarding government; or, advancing the idea that the human mind is demonstrably the most valuable, yet abundant, source of natural resources on the planet, thus transcending the pessimistic paradox of “limits to growth”—this is humanity’s “secret weapon”—intelligence, which is only secret to those who refuse to think as human beings. It is why Percy Shelley declared that “poets are the unacknowledged legislators of the world.” The work of Lyndon LaRouche, largely still unacknowledged, is, nonetheless, the implicit source of the thinking now informing several of the steps being taken to form a durable new security and development architecture.

The Zepp-LaRouche “Ten Principles” can act as the “world’s discussion document,” which starts the conversation from the top, but, like Tom Paine’s “Common Sense,” also demands “action, and action now.” The International Caucus of Labor Committees has the advantage that, since the time of its inception as a philosophical organization invented, educated and deployed by Lyndon LaRouche and associates, has eschewed the role of money as essential to economic policy. Real economics is the science of physical economy, including the fostering, advancement and deployment of human creativity, producing discoveries and inventions that prevent the depopulation, “the physical bankruptcy” of societies. That is done by expanding social reproduction, of course, not by contracting the physical preconditions for healthy, productive households due to the bankruptcy of the post-Bretton Woods casino, to which Russia and China as well as others are trying to render themselves immune.

Meanwhile, “Operation Mop Up the Nord Stream Saboteurs” continued over the weekend with Seymour Hersh—“the man himself” as interviewer Liu Xin put it—saying of Jake Sullivan, Blinken, and the other “Katzenjammer Kids” of American “diplomacy”: “I will tell you, the people from the intelligence community, were appalled by what happened, and horrified. They thought it was useless.... What Biden did by triggering the mine last September. He was worried; the war in Ukraine was a big deal for Biden.... Winning a war against an adversary, and I don’t know Mr. Biden, I just think his foreign policy is complete idiocy, alienating people around the world. Russia has made more friends in the Third World since this began, than anybody in this administration seems to appreciate.

“So this notion of American hegemony, if you will, just doesn’t work anymore. And so, that’s what I object to.” The fact that Hersh, Ray McGovern, Col. Richard Black (ret.), Scott Ritter, Jeffrey Sachs, Dennis Kucinich, Daniel Ellsberg, and others have joined forces, through their interviews with journalists from around the world, to break this story, cannot be underestimated.

The “weak forces” of the International Schiller Institute, the Diane Sare United States Senate campaign, and institutional and individual collaborators, are leveraging the power of reason, using the ponderous weight of the bloated, dying Anglo-American Empire against itself. This is a war on a battlefield of ideas unfamiliar to the knuckle-draggers, requiring poetic imagination, in which the China-Iran-Saudi Arabia collaboration has captured the imagination of the world. In this time and context, “words”—such as the “unit-idea” called the Ten Principles—can wield a physical power greater than bombs, mines, or artillery shells, should people choose to acknowledge and be inspired, that is to say governed, by the principles that underlie them.

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