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Xi Visit to Russia Will Focus on Community of Shared Future’

March 18, 2023, 2022 (EIRNS)—The visit of President Xi Jinping to Russia next week is seen by China as the first step in moving the world toward a new global security architecture along the lines laid out by President Xi’s initiatives for global security, global development, and now global civilization. It is the beginning of a mediation in a crisis that has been the result of the long-term geopolitical policies of the Anglo-American elites. Prior to announcing his visit, China’s Foreign Minister Qin Gang, contacted Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba to brief him on it. Kuleba again expressed appreciation for the position China was taking with regard to the conflict.

Xinhua issued an important statement on the “mature and tenacious” China-Russian relationship, underlining it as a model for relations between major powers. It also underlined the importance of the relationship for bringing stability to the world. “A mature and tenacious Sino-Russian relationship will effectively promote the unity, development and prosperity of the Eurasian continent, bring together forces to jointly safeguard the norms of international relations and strengthen mutually beneficial cooperation, inject strong positive energy into the complicated international situation, and make new contributions to building a community with a shared future for mankind.”

In addition, CGTN has had extensive coverage of the tenth anniversary of President Xi’s encouragement for a “community of shared interest.” They also aired a special on Iraq 20 years after the beginning of the Iraq War, to clearly distinguish the policy President Xi Jinping has proposed from the disastrous policy of the U.S. over the last decades.

Xi Jinping’s visit to Russia will, thus, not only focus on mediating the Ukraine conflict, but will more broadly focus on the need for a new security architecture. And this has freaked out the Western elites entirely. At the same time that Qin Gang was talking with Kuleba on the Chinese visit, Blinken was also making a call promising Kuleba more military equipment. Not only do the warhawks have to keep the Europeans on board their crusade, but they must also keep the Ukrainians on board. The sands are shifting rapidly for our “warrior class.”

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