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U.S. Officials Argue a Ukraine Ceasefire Coming from Xi-Putin Meeting Would Be ‘Unacceptable’

March 20, 2023, 2022 (EIRNS)—The U.S. security apparatus is terrified that peace might break out in Ukraine. If, coming out of the ongoing Xi-Putin meeting, “there’s some sort of call for a ceasefire, well, that’s just going to be unacceptable,” said National Security Council spokesman John Kirby on Fox News Sunday, March 19.

“There’s no question that both China and Russia, and this is right out in the national security strategy, are two countries that are chafing against this international rules-based order that the United States and so many of our allies and parties have built up, since the end of World War II. They don’t—they don’t like that,” he warned viewers.

“So, we watch what comes out of this—this meeting here Monday through Wednesday, of President Xi to Moscow, the state visit, if you will. Now, what we have said before and we’ll say it again today, that if coming out of this meeting, there’s some sort of call for a ceasefire, well, that’s just going to be unacceptable because all that’s going to do, Mike, is ratify Russian’s conquest to date. All that’s going to do is give Mr. Putin more time to refit, retrain, re-man and try to plan for a renewed offensive at the time of his choosing,” he continued.

Secretary of State Blinken followed up with a comment on Monday, March 20, saying that the “world should not be fooled” by a potential Chinese-Russian peace plan for Ukraine. “The fundamental element of any plan for ending the war in Ukraine and producing a just and durable peace must be upholding the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine.”

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