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Vladimir Putin Gives Xi Jinping a Warm Welcome at the Kremlin

March 21, 2023, 2022 (EIRNS)—Russian President Vladimir Putin gave Chinese President Xi Jinping a warm welcome at the Kremlin yesterday at the start of Xi’s three-day state visit to Moscow over March 20-22. “It is symbolic that exactly ten years ago, we also met here, and it was your first visit to Russia as the President of the People’s Republic of China,” Putin told him, reported the Kremlin news service. “Since then, we have made great strides in developing our relations. Our trade has more than doubled, from just over $87 billion, I believe, to almost $200, $185 billion to be exact.”

“We have carefully studied your proposals on resolving the acute Ukraine crisis, and we will have an opportunity to discuss this matter,” Putin continued.

“We know that you are guided by the principles of justice and respect for the fundamental provisions of international law and indivisible security for all countries. You are aware as well that we remain open to negotiations. We will, of course, discuss these issues, including your initiatives, which we certainly respect.”

“The Chinese side pays a great deal of attention to promoting Sino-Russian relations, because this has its own historical logic and we are two major neighboring countries,” Xi replied. “We are partners in comprehensive strategic interaction and cooperation, and this status determines the close relations between our countries....

“I am also very grateful to you for the fact that over the past years, regarding the development and construction of China, you have always had a positive attitude towards us and supported us. Of course, we feel this, and we are grateful to you. As we continue to promote Sino-Russian international strategic cooperation, we must achieve the goal of ensuring justice and equality in the world while also achieving further development and prosperity in our countries in the process,”

Xi said.

According to the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Xi told Putin that China always upholds an independent foreign policy. “To consolidate and develop well China-Russia relations is a strategic choice China has made on the basis of its own fundamental interests and the prevailing trends of the world,” the ministry said Xi stressed.

“The two sides had an in-depth exchange of views on the Ukraine issue. President Xi stressed that, on the Ukraine issue, voices for peace and rationality are building. Most countries support easing tensions, stand for peace talks, and are against adding fuel to the fire. A review of history shows that conflicts in the end have to be settled through dialogue and negotiation.... China believes that the more difficulties there are, the greater the need to keep space for peace. The more acute the problem is, the more important it is not to give up efforts for dialogue. China will continue to play a constructive role in promoting the political settlement of the Ukraine issue,”

reported the ministry.

Russian Presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters at

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