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Xi Travels to Moscow, Marking an Increasingly Transformed World

March 21, 2023, 2022 (EIRNS)—To get a sense of how rapidly the world is changing, and how the idea of a world without geopolitics is asserting itself, look back at the developments over the last month.

Exactly one month ago, Feb. 21, China published its Global Security Initiative Concept Paper. That followed China’s unusually pointed critique of U.S. foreign policy, published a day earlier, titled “U.S. Hegemony and Its Perils.” Three days after this, on Feb. 24, China published its 12-point peace proposal, “China’s Position on the Political Settlement for the Ukraine Crisis.

Soon thereafter, on March 10, three countries announced the diplomatic breakthrough of relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran, in a deal brokered by China, and an explicit expression of the Global Security Initiative.

Within days, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad visited Moscow over March 14-15, for two days of meetings with President Vladimir Putin, solidifying a commitment for the reconstruction of the beleaguered Arab nation. Assad then continued to the United Arab Emirates, where he took part in discussions regarding increased economic cooperation, as well as Syria’s likely reintegration into the Arab community of nations—or, as one expert in the U.A.E. said: to take “enemies of the past and transform them into the friends of tomorrow.” All of this came much to the chagrin of those in the West who had sought Syria’s absolute annihilation over the previous decade.

Just over the past weekend, Saudi King Salman invited Iranian President Raisi to Riyadh, in a further move of good faith between the two former rivals. On March 19, an Iranian high-level representative traveled to Iraq to sign new security agreements in hopes of resolving long-standing border tensions between the two countries. In addition, Saudi Arabia and Yemen’s Houthi faction have agreed to a prisoner exchange, in another potential fruition of the new paradigm taking place in this war-torn region.

And this in the week marking the 20th anniversary of the launch of the disastrous Iraq War—the beginning of what has been a full two decades of destruction by U.S. and British imperial interests.

Then, starting March 20, Chinese President Xi Jinping arrived in Moscow for a three-day state visit with President Vladimir Putin, with the explicit intent of establishing a peace process in Ukraine, and “Deepening the Comprehensive Strategic Partnership of Coordination for the New Era and Stress Settling the Ukraine Crisis Through Dialogue,” their joint statement is titled. Is there any question that the world has entered a new era—one that is increasingly outside the control of the dictates of Global NATO?

From this standpoint, consider the March 19 remark from National Security Council spokesman John Kirby, that any calls for a ceasefire coming from Russia and China are “unacceptable.” It is clear the depraved leadership in the West doesn’t want peace at all, but something far different, and far uglier. Who in their right mind would accept such dangerous nonsense?

The rest of the world, the called the Global Majority, is looking at these unfolding events in a much different way than those in the secluded and propagandized West. It is causing some to see ever more clearly through the lies and false promises of the recent decades. Not only has the much-vaunted rules-based order failed to deliver on actual economic development for any but the most privileged Western countries, but even those citizens in the “gardens” of Western countries don’t see the benefits themselves. Increasingly, they take to the streets to demand affordable and human conditions, or they now lose sleep over the prospect of their savings (for those who still have any) evaporating into thin air.

It is this emerging reality, and its potential resolution into a world of truly sovereign nations united around the common aims of mankind, for which Lyndon and Helga LaRouche fought to lay the groundwork over the last 50-plus years. During these tumultuous days, patriots and world citizens must keep that as a laser-focus in their mind, working and organizing to bring this unresolved world into cohesion with a different organizing principle, one that respects the rights and interests of every nation. The trans-Atlantic financial blowout unfolding now offers an opportunity in this regard, an opportunity to convene an international conference to reorganize the bankrupt system and establish a new security and development architecture worldwide.

Those who think they control the world in the West might be upset and gnash their teeth—but what of it? It will be a great market for future dentists!

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