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March On, and You Shall Gain the Victory

March 24, 2023, 2022 (EIRNS)—Three weeks from today, the Schiller institute will convene the conference, “Without the Development of All Nations, There Can Be No Lasting Peace for the Planet.” Another, separate conference, is also proposed by Institute founder Helga Zepp-LaRouche, in her “Call for an International Emergency Conference To Reorganize the Bankrupt Financial System.” The April 15 conference shall convene those world citizens who recognize the necessity to organize the second conference, no matter how improbable the success of that conference might appear, judging from the present behavior of the visible leadership in the United States and Europe. China, Russia, the United States, India and other nations must attend. How is that possible?

Forty years ago this week, economist and statesman Lyndon LaRouche accomplished the impossible. In the middle of the then-powerful and very active George Shultz, Henry Kissinger, and the particularly hostile George Bush, Lyndon LaRouche and his associates caused the President of the United States, Ronald Reagan, to offer the Soviet Union a way out of mutually assured destruction, which was not merely a policy, but a destiny. The LaRouche Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) was not, primarily, a “defensive weapons” proposal; it was a proposal based on a fundamental physical economic principle, which the fools in United States policymaking have rejected or failed to understand to this day.

“Now, the important thing is to understand what the original SDI was. Contrary to the idiocy which you hear in the press today about missile defense ... [t]he proposal was that, instead of having the Soviet Union and the United States engage in this crazy chicken game, called SALT I and ABM, why don’t we find a way out of the conflict itself? How?...

“The point is, that since increases in productivity come directly, only, from improvements in technology derived from fundamental scientific discoveries, the higher the rate you convert fundamental physical discoveries into practice, the greater the rate of increase of productivity per capita of population, and per square kilometer of area.

“The problem of both the Soviet system and our own, although in different degrees, I said at the time, was that the United States was not generating a rate of net growth in physical productivity, sufficient to maintain the economy. Therefore, we needed a program for forced draft, science-driven technological progress, with some mission, like the Moon mission, but as a byproduct of that mission, such as the Moon mission, we would generate spillovers in terms of technological progress, by such a crash, to put the United States economy back on the plus side, in terms of net growth.” [Emphasis added.]

That never occurred, because the enemies of LaRouche vilified and incarcerated him. This was done when it became clear, because of electoral victories by associates of LaRouche in 1986, that LaRouche had enough support among the American electorate to have his science-driver policy adopted. When he and his wife, Helga Zepp-LaRouche, were not killed in a 400-person raid that occurred on October 6-7, 1986, it was decided that he would be imprisoned. Now, today, the United States, the trans-Atlantic world, and perhaps humanity itself could cease to exist, perhaps through deliberate or “unintentional” thermonuclear war, if the proposals of Lyndon LaRouche, 40 years ago, and now, as partially indicated above, and as fully contained in his LaRouche Four Laws are not re-discovered, studied, discussed and adopted.

Can a policy written 40 years ago, be so prescient, that it is not only applicable to now, but is still as visionary and path-breaking, as well as specific for what might be accomplished today? In an equally remarkable document, “Saudi Arabia in the Year 2023,” written by LaRouche in 1983, the same year as his successful campaign to have the American Presidency adopt the SDI, LaRouche anticipated the mind-set of China’s Global Civilization Initiative, as well China’s recent successful diplomacy in Southwest Asia, based in a respect for the long arc of civilization, a concept utterly and probably permanently intellectually unavailable to the hundreds of misemployed members of today’s United States State Department. LaRouche wrote:

“In the British view, a nation ought to develop its richest natural resources. In the correct, anti-British view, the people of a nation should base their economic policy, not on the resources they possess, but the resources they most sorely lack. We may develop and market petroleum-assets, of course, but our proper purpose in doing this is to escape from the dangerous trap of remaining forever essentially a petroleum exporter, or even in limited specializing in the petrochemical industry.

“The Arab world is chiefly a thinly populated desert. That desert must bloom again, and we need that which is required to make the desert bloom. It is what the desert now lacks which we need, and it is the satisfaction of those needs in which our nation’s development must specialize.... Let us assume that we establish in Saudi Arabia, a new polytechnical university, an Ecole polytechnique for modern Saudi Arabia, conceived with the same kind of outlook which guided Lazare Carnot and Gaspard Monge.... It will be a task-oriented research and teaching institution, like its model, Carnot’s Ecole Polytechnique. Let us build this new polytechnical institute in the center of a new city, not unlike the new cities emerging in the irrigated agro-urban complexes of Egypt today. This new city will be both a new irrigated agricultural complex, with aid of which students and other researchers will conduct studies in agronomy, and a ‘science city.’ In the city’s perimeter, there will be industries, where many of the residents of the city are employed. These will be producing industries, but also experimental industries, where scientifically informed engineering improvements are a large part of the total activity in each.... In the university within the city, there will be a strategically important library.... It will be a science-intelligence center to delight the heart of Caliph Mamun of Baghdad. Daily, every significant scientific and related journal throughout the world will be perused by alert eyes and minds. These expert readers will note not only what is said in these reports, they will read between the lines of the files they accumulate on each cross-referenced subject. The library will also serve those who specialize in the internal history of science over the centuries past. Every relevant major writing of 3,000 years will be available as needed. It will be one of the great storehouses of human knowledge in the world. The scientific elite produced by the study, research, and teaching at this university, will go forth as giants to aid in building a nation and the world.” [Emphasis added.]

Lyndon LaRouche was able to forecast that a time would come when such a proposal would be understood, embraced, and championed by women and men of statecraft, who are the only qualified emissaries of the future, and therefore of peace. The conferences proposed by Helga Zepp-LaRouche are of the same nature, and are intended to recruit such men and women who will supplant those incapable of comprehending, let alone implementing, this grand and necessary new future. It is that promise of a truly human future, fought for in the present, not the impossible preservation of fictitious “wealth” of the “filthy rich,” that is the true mission of mankind. Why fear this moment, when the only thing truly to fear, is that the promise of that future as the true birthright of all humanity and all nations, would be abdicated, because of fear itself?

“Without the development of all nations, there can be no lasting peace on the planet.” But with the development of all nations, with the elevation of humanity, for the first time in human history to its rightful place, above the slavery of empires, with the eyes of whole nations fixed, as were those of the ancient mariners, upon the stars, what might the universe accomplish through that revolution in our intention? Krafft Ehricke’s Extraterrestrial Imperative, is the “awful Shadow of some unseen Power that floats, though unseen, among us.” It is the reality that compels a giant leap forward for mankind, in comparison to which our task, the footsteps of which are defined by these upcoming conferences, is a challenge to be sought, and a victory to be gained.

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