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In Berlin—A Show of Fight Against Green Fascism!

March 27, 2023, 2022 (EIRNS)—On Sunday, March 26, a referendum in Berlin for “Climate Neutrality by 2030” resoundingly failed.

It was forced onto the ballot and promoted with huge funding from the green fascist bankster networks, based in the U.S., as a pilot for other major Western cities. The failed measure ordered the government to cut and decarbonize human activity—specifics to be worked out—to save the planet, in less than a decade.

The intent of the originators of the “climate neutrality” mandate is that populations should roll over and accept economic death, while the Golden Billionaire class plots ways to save itself from the financial collapse. But Berlin rejected the bill. The details are in a statement today, “BüSo Welcomes Crashing Defeat for Pro-Climate Referendum in Berlin,” released by Dr. Wolfgang Lillge, BüSo Regional Chairman, Berlin.

Moreover, this show of fight in the capital of Germany is a win for sovereignty itself, since Germany has been expected to be subservient in every way to what the Anglosphere/Global NATO dictates. Look at the blatant attack on the Nord Stream pipelines, co-owned by Russia and Germany, which was likely done by the U.S. and covered up by the Anglosphere. Look at the military occupation of Germany by the United States, especially at the use of the Ramstein Air Base as a supranational NATO center.

Another show of fight—and also in the electoral realm—against green fascism is the vote on March 15 in the Netherlands, which swept away the ruling party’s control of the Senate. The population voted alongside the farmers, who have been leading the fight against the EU/government attempt to drastically cut Dutch agriculture and food production, in the name of saving the planet by reducing “nitrogen emissions.”

Four days before the vote, a huge protest rally against the government’s green fascism took place at The Hague, organized by farmers and fishermen, and supported by the general public.

These singular victories are taking place in the midst of general mass strikes and actions in many nations in Europe, and for apparently disparate “issues,” but all in the spirit that government must serve the people. In Germany today, a nationwide transportation strike was conducted as a warning to the government that wages must be made sufficient relative to inflation. In Israel a huge nationwide protest was sparked Sunday, March 26, when Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu fired the Defense Minister for questioning Netanyahu’s moves to degrade the court system.

At the same time, there are more and more instances of tentative realignment directly with the development drive from China, Russia and the Global Majority. For example, this week, Australian leaders are visiting China. Victoria State Premier Daniel Andrews is leading a trade mission to China, seeking more economic activity. The deals Victoria had made in the past with China, as part of the Belt and Road Initiative, were ripped up under powers of the British Commonwealth. Now Andrews is going again. Many Australian business leaders are also going to China this week for the Boao Forum for Asia, which will be held on March 28-31. The spirit of their visits is directly counter to the AUKUS buildup against China and Russia.

In this context, the second Summit for Democracy, hosted by the United States and four co-sponsor nations, which runs online over March 28-30, is a sick joke. Its message to nations is: “We dictate democracy, and you comply, or else we sanction and attack you.” The list of nations which are excluded from the summit, is indicative of the purpose of the event. The not-invited include China, Russia, Egypt, Turkiye, Saudi Arabia, Honduras and many more. Coincident with the summit, Vice President Kamala Harris is now in Africa this week to pitch “democracy.” Her message? “We are not competing in Africa against China; we are just providing more ‘options.’ ”

This is laughable, except for the escalating danger from the dying “empire of democracy.” This crowd is playing with nuclear fire by continuing the provocations against Russia over Ukraine, while at the same time completely blocking starting talks towards a resolution of the emergency. This must stop.

Join the fight now.

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