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British Intentionally Destroyed Relations with Russia

March 31, 2023, 2022 (EIRNS)—Russia and the U.K. have had no political dialogue after London completely ruined the architecture of relations between the countries, Russian Ambassador to the U.K. Andrei Kelin said, in an interview with RTVI television on March 30. “We now in principle have no political communication, no political dialogue, unlike it was with the U.K. in the past, about key aspects of international affairs,” he said.

The ambassador said, “London ruined the entire architecture of bilateral relations.... It broke it down in the economic area, the humanitarian area, the scientific one, the educational one and the political one first of all. It was purely its initiative—the destruction of that architecture.”

“We are in contact with the Foreign Office. Russian diplomats, including the ambassador of the Russian Federation, are forbidden from going to Parliament. This is so by a decision of the Parliament’s Speaker. This is very bad, because the British people, British officials, British lawmakers ... remain uninformed about the other side, uninformed about the situation as a whole,”

the ambassador said.

He further argued that it was a “categorical mistake.... Because it leads to wrong decisions, to the wrong decision-making process. They need to hear what we say, our arguments, then they will have a broader perception of the real state of affairs.”

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