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All Eyes Are on the Schiller Institute’s April 15-16 Conference for Solutions to the Breakdown Crisis

April 1, 2023, 2022 (EIRNS)—It’s what Lyndon LaRouche always forecast with certainty: That under conditions of a breakdown crisis (like today’s), increasingly motivated leadership circles all around the planet would turn to LaRouche’s ideas for solutions that will allow their nations to survive and flourish—as is happening today. The knowledge that that is the case, Helga Zepp-LaRouche explained over the weekend, is what will shape the unified focus of the April 15-16 Schiller Institute conference. As a new introduction to the conference invitation states simply:

“The world urgently needs a new security and development architecture, which represents the interest of every single country on the planet. Helga Zepp-LaRouche has suggested Ten Principles as a basis for such an architecture. The three initiatives of President Xi Jinping, the Global Security Initiative (GSI), the Global Development Initiative (GDI), and the Global Civilization Initiative (GCI) are a close representation of this concept.”

Absent such an approach, the world is indeed headed for a train wreck, either in the form of a nuclear war between the U.S., the U.K. and NATO on the one side, and Russia and China on the other; or a violent collapse of the trans-Atlantic financial system and decoupling from the emerging “Global Majority,” which will bring about New Dark Age levels of physical economic collapse and depopulation.

The March 21 Putin-Xi summit in Moscow was a watershed of sorts. Coming off that summit, the Russians are responding to the airtight refusal of the U.K. and U.S. to permit negotiations to bring peace to Ukraine, and the escalating NATO military offensive to dismember and destroy the Russian Federation. They are responding as they did against Napoleon and against Hitler. They have unveiled a new Foreign Policy Concept document to deal with the new strategic reality. They have announced they will deploy Russian tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus. And Belarus President Lukashenko on March 31 warned that “World War III with nuclear fires is looming on the horizon.”

Yet at the same time China, Russia and allied nations of the SCO, ASEAN and the BRICS are moving with equal urgency to activate non-dollar systems of trade and investment among their nations. In most cases this is taking the form of using the Chinese yuan as a common currency, administered through clearing house arrangements. The criminal sanctions against Russia and many other nations have turned the dollar into a toxic currency that is feared, a pariah currency, for most nations on the planet. With Saudi Arabia and now Brazil joining such non-dollar arrangements; with the five-member BRICS grouping slated to expand by as many as a dozen new members in the near future; these new financial and economic agreements are picking up speed and scope.

Linking that fight of the Global Majority with the emerging, angry movements against war and economic collapse in Europe and the United States, will be one of the central tasks of the Schiller Institute conference. As the final conference panel description states:

“Schiller Institute founder Helga Zepp-LaRouche recently proposed Ten Principles as the basis for bringing about a new international security and development architecture. These include the need to put Man’s physical-economic practice, centered on scientific and cultural creativity, in coherence with the laws of the physical universe; and the underlying philosophical issues of the image of Man, including the affirmation that Man is characteristically good, and that all evil is the result of lack of development—and therefore can be eliminated.”

Register for the conference, and get others to do the same.

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