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Organizing To Stop World War III

April 4, 2023, 2022 (EIRNS)—Former U.S. President Trump was arraigned on 34 felony charges in a transparently political and legally ridiculous prosecution. Whether this latest display of the use of the justice system for lawfare—a result of leaving insufficiently challenged the political prosecution of Lyndon LaRouche—boosts Trump’s standing in the eyes of the electorate or, in coordination with other charges, ties him up in judicial proceedings that will possibly brand him a felon, one thing is for sure: this development is as if intended to be engrossing.

Taking a broad view of world affairs, the internal crimes of the Anglo-American empire have the virtue (if that can be said) of primarily affecting the several hundred million people living there, although this is a short-sighted interpretation. But the external crimes—the forever wars, the destruction of the global economy in the name of teaching Russia a lesson, the attacks on free discussion on social media, the withholding of development through such policies as the green “Great Reset”—threaten to eliminate the human race entirely, by triggering the planet-engulfing fires of nuclear World War III. That is where attention must be focused!

A rapid reckoning and swift repentance are required, especially in the United States, if planetary civilization is to survive unscathed.

The burgeoning development of a new system, if the people of the U.S.-U.K.-EU-NATO apparatus come to understand it, points the way to an improved sense of identity, of positive mission, even for those presently war-mongering powers.

The most recent developments in this flowering of potential are the visit by Brazilian political advisor Celso Amorim to Russia, the coming visit of the Brazilian President to China, the flood of developments of trade in national currencies to avoid the risk of using the dollar, the potential for the BRICS nations to launch a new currency, KMT leader Ma Ying-jeou’s visit to mainland China, the acceptance by the President of Iran of an invitation to visit Saudi Arabia, enormous public demonstrations in France, and, even in the United States, the growth of a movement to “Defend the Guard,” to put state governments on the record as opposing forever wars.

The people of NATO-land, and in particular the U.S., must stop acting like vassals to a political elite that hold unchallenged power, and defend their right to contribute something of enduring benefit to the future of mankind as a whole.

The Schiller Institute’s upcoming April 15-16 conference, organized under the title “Without the Development of All Nations, There Can Be No Lasting Peace for the Planet,” seeks to bring the Global South (the Global Majority) together with the increasingly assertive peace movement of NATO countries, to chart a new course forward. Register in advance for the conference to be able to participate in the pre-conference discussion process.

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