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A Week for Jews, Muslims and Christians To Begin Acting Normally

April 6, 2023, 2022 (EIRNS)—Whether it is Passover’s celebration of the victory of humanity over slavery, or the spiritual reflection of Ramadan, or Easter’s passion of the soul’s victory over death, there is something important and truthful and beautiful that could and should be driving the thoughts and actions of a major section of humanity this week. And not only this, but one would think that any Jew, Muslim, or Christian, properly moved and inspired by the best of their religion, would be enabled to discover that quality amongst their monotheistic neighbors; and that it would magnify their sense of wonder for the richness of the Creator’s world.

But the present reality includes a monstrous, a colossal mountain of sins in the form of the $2,000,000,000,000,000 financial derivatives bubble. The tremors and rumblings of the dollar-based Western financial system are not going away. Any normal state of mind would convene an emergency strategic conference, including any country that had an interest in coming out alive on the other side of that financial bubble’s implosion.

Admittedly, there’s no shortage of abnormal states of mind to feed that nagging voice, the one saying that it is not possible to pull out of this cultural and financial tailspin. Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is unleashing religious strife and deep-seated rage against the Palestinians—and during one of Judaism’s holiest weeks. An adviser to President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, Mykhailo Podolyak, explained to Radio Free Europe, “We must eradicate everything Russian in Crimea.” He was explicit that the Russian-speaking population there is not to have books or movies in Russian. There are to be legal penalties for any Crimean who changed his Ukrainian passport to Russian. As ugly as it is, it pales in comparison with the abnormal state of mind of one who openly brags about such fantasies of his takeover of Crimea.

Then there’s the bizarre spectacle of Russian Presidential Commissioner for Children’s Rights explaining at an informal meeting for the UN Security Council how she worked to save the 2,000 Ukrainian orphans (amongst the 700,000 children brought to Russia this last year as refugees with their family), rescued from Ukrainian artillery firing into the Donbass republics—while the U.K. and U.S. ambassadors damn her as a war criminal for kidnapping Ukrainian children! (These were orphans from the former area of Ukraine that Kiev, in killing thousands of the Donbass republics’ citizens over the last nine years, had turned into orphans.) And the U.K. and U.S. ambassadors had the unmitigated gall to lead a walkout (followed by Albania and Malta) from the Arria-formula session—and then block the normal webcast of her and others’ testimony. All ugly things, but also the sort of mind-numbing craziness that can undermine the confidence that basic normal thinking still exists in the world.

Take a page from the eminent Russian economist and EAEU Minister Sergey Glazyev. He posted to his extensive and very engaged readership on Telegram a link to the March 29 issue EIR Strategic Alert, and included the message: “An up-to-date review of current events on this and other topics ... in a magazine founded by the famous thinker Lyndon LaRouche, who predicted the collapse of the U.S.-European financial system a quarter of a century ago.”

Not to discount the rest of the EIR Strategic Alert newsletter (on the financial bubble and related matters), but the March 29 issue opens with the announcement of the April 15-16 Schiller Institute conference, entitled “Without the Development of All Nations, There Can Be No Lasting Peace for the Planet.” Not only does that title address why a lasting peace has been missing from this world, but it is actually a fine example of normal thinking.

That conference is critical for the drive for that necessary emergency conference of nations to bury the financial derivatives bubble, put that danger aside, and apply themselves to the much more interesting job of developing each and every nation. If it didn’t have to get done, it probably would not have a chance of getting done.

One doesn’t have to be an eminent Russian economist to organize one’s friends and family, one’s neighbors and networks, now—as three great Western religions call attention to the miraculous nature and power of the human soul—but it does take some work. Start here by registering yourself—and then everyone you know.

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