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Lula Speaks Frankly, Criticizes U.S. for Its Role in Ukraine War

April 8, 2023, 2022 (EIRNS)—At a press conference at the official presidential workplace on April 6, Brazilian President Lula da Silva said, “It is not necessary to have a war.” He went on, criticizing the U.S. and EU for their role in the Ukraine conflict: “We think that the developed world, especially the EU and the U.S., had the option not to enter the war the way they did, so fast, without spending time trying to negotiate,” he said. “Negotiating peace is very complicated.”

Lula added that he hoped his upcoming meeting with President Xi Jinping in China will help bring about a conversation “that we should have had a year ago.” India and Indonesia may play a role, too, he said.

In comments that have gotten certain people hot and bothered, Lula said that the question of Crimea should be excluded from the discussion, and that Zelenskyy “can’t want everything either.” As the official Agencia Brasil reported Lula’s remarks on this score: President Putin “cannot keep Ukrainian land. Perhaps Crimea could be discussed.” But, on the other hand, President Zelenskyy “cannot want everything. NATO is not going to be able to establish itself on the border,” clearly referring to Russia’s borders.

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