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New York Times Complains That ‘French Diplomacy Undercuts U.S. Efforts To Rein in China’

April 9, 2023, 2022 (EIRNS)—The New York Times published an analysis complaining that Macron’s visit to China undercuts U.S. policy efforts. “Mr. Macron staked out an independent European position, and both leaders repeatedly lauded a ‘multipolar world,’ thinly disguised code for one that is not American dominated.” Leave it to the New York Times to complain about not having a unipolar world!

The article acknowledges that Macron’s visit signaled “a loud ‘No’ ” to the “decoupling” promoted by the U.S.

The out and out Anglo-American imperialism of the Times is on full display: “Mr. Macron’s embrace of a Chinese partnership suggested that the battle underway to preserve the liberal institutions of the postwar order against an assault from Beijing and Moscow will be complex and nuanced. Not all of America’s allies look at it in the same way.” Heaven forbid that two major world powers “assault” (read “change”) the “postwar order” established 75 years ago!

The article concludes by huffing that Macron didn’t scold China enough about Taiwan, reaffirmed France’s commitment to the One China policy, and even dared to say that China did not seem likely to “overreact” regarding the island.

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