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Syrian and Saudi Foreign Ministers Map a Future Together

April 13, 2023, 2022 (EIRNS)—The Syrian and Saudi Foreign Ministers met in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, yesterday, burying the hatchet on over a decade of confrontation. In the Joint Statement of Syria’s Faisal Mekdad and Saudi Arabia’s Prince Faisal bin Farhan Al Saud,

“The two sides concurred that it was crucial to address humanitarian issues, create an environment that would allow aid to reach all areas of Syria, establish the prerequisites for Syrian refugees and displaced people to return to their homes, put an end to their suffering, allow them to return home safely, and take additional steps that would help stabilize the situation in the entire Syrian territories.

“The two sides stressed the importance of enhancing security and combating terrorism in all its forms, and enhancing cooperation in combating drug smuggling and trafficking, emphasizing the need to support the institutions of the Syrian state to extend its control over its territories to end the presence of armed militias and external interference in the Syrian internal affairs.

“Both sides also discussed the necessary steps to achieve a comprehensive political settlement of the Syrian crisis that would end all its repercussions, achieve national reconciliation, and contribute to the return of Syria to its Arab fold and the resumption of its role in the Arab world.”

At the statement’s conclusion, they welcomed the start of procedures to resume the consular services and aerial flights between the two countries.

Prince Faisal had invited Dr. Mekdad to come to Jeddah to discuss “efforts to find a political solution to the Syrian crisis that preserves Syria’s unity, security, stability, Arab identity, and territorial integrity while also serving the interests of its brotherly people.”

On April 14, nine Arab countries are to meet in Jeddah to discuss Syria’s re-entry into the Arab League. The Saudis are concerned to deal with the stated opposition of Qatar. Otherwise, Bahrain and Qatar agreed yesterday to re-establish relations, and Saudi representatives are in Sana’a, Yemen, meeting with the Houthi government over a possible road to peace.

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