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Nations of the Global South Move to New Paradigm; What About The U.S. and Europe?

April 12, 2023, 2022 (EIRNS)—In her weekly “Live Dialogue” webcast, Helga Zepp-LaRouche presented an optimistic perspective for the emergence of a New Paradigm, as the leading feature of an “epochal change” which is underway. With the nations of the Global South—now a central part of the Global Majority—refusing to submit to the dictates of the collapsing unipolar order, the April 15-16 Schiller Institute conference is taking on a new importance as a unique forum for dialogue on what the new strategic and development architecture will be.

“We are experiencing an epochal change,” Zepp-LaRouche began,

“and I think that that change is characterized mostly by the fact that the countries of the Global South do not want to be subjected any longer to the remnants of the colonialist order. The reason why this is possible, is because with the economic miracle of China, which contributed in the last 40 years an extraordinary civilizational accomplishment, by overcoming poverty for 850 million Chinese people, and since the Belt and Road Initiative, which is now 10 years old, was announced, is cooperating with some 150 countries of the Global South, and many of them have had the benefit of very important development projects, which have started to overcome their poverty and underdevelopment.

“And that, in addition to having, therefore, a solid basis in physical progress of the economy, the weaponization of the dollar, which the United States started by imposing unilateral sanctions against many countries—especially Russia, but also Iran, Syria, Cuba, Venezuela—people have drawn the conclusion from that that it’s not safe to be in the dollar, to have their assets in the dollar, and therefore, there is very rapidly a new economic system developing, very much the U.S. and West’s own doing, so they shouldn’t blame anybody but themselves, and that is moving very rapidly.”

Zepp-LaRouche said:

“It is an undefined situation: The danger of nuclear war is still extremely high, not only around the situation in Ukraine, which could still go out of control, but also because the shift to the Indo-Pacific, a confrontation between the United States and China, whereby China feels more and more encircled, especially now after the four new bases in the Philippines have been agreed upon.

“So we are now in an incredible, one could almost say interregnum, where you have on the one side, the danger that the old collapsing order is not peacefully going out like the Soviet Union did, but it’s really a heightened danger of nuclear war. But at the same time, with breathtaking speed, the countries of the Global South are working together with China and Russia to establish a new order.

“Now, everything depends, in my view, on the fact of whether we can convince the United States and the Europeans to stop this confrontation and just start to cooperate with the Global Majority, the vast majority of the world population. Now, that is a gigantic task: And the Schiller Institute has conducted several international conferences over the last year with the idea that we need a new security and development architecture, which catapults the whole question on a completely different plane. Because as long as we stay within geopolitics, the danger of an Armageddon, a nuclear catastrophe is absolutely there. And that is why I am very happy to say that we have, on this coming weekend, on April 15-16, a very, very important, new international conference, where we will have an exclusive combination of speakers, from something like 30 countries, who will address these issues. And I can only ask you to participate and let all your friends and colleagues know about this conference.”

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