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Russian Security Chief Patrushev Explains Necessity for Victory over Ukrainian Nazis

April 14, 2023, 2022 (EIRNS)—Only by winning a victory over Nazism in Ukraine can Russia’s security be guaranteed and stability in Europe be restored, Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolay Patrushev said on April 13. “Ukraine is yet another victim of the overzealous, aggressive efforts of U.S. politicians,” Patrushev said at a security meeting in Russia’s North Caucasus, reported TASS. “After the coup d’état in the country in 2014, the United States and its vassals did everything they could to conjure a terrorist, neo-Nazi state into being in the heart of Europe, and they turned Ukraine into a beachhead for countering Russia,” he declared. He rebuked the Anglo-Saxons for imposing a so-called “rules-based order” on other nations, fomenting color revolutions, fostering terrorist groups and contributing to the revival of fascism and neo-Nazism in Ukraine, in an attempt to preserve their position of global dominance.

Under U.S. pressure, the collective West has been fanning the flames of the military conflict as it continues to pump the Kiev regime with weapons, train neo-Nazi fighters, and provide assistance in military planning, with scant regard for the genuine interests of the Ukrainian people, Patrushev said. “Therefore, we have no other path but to liberate Ukraine from neo-Nazism. Only a Russian victory can ensure our country’s security and will facilitate the restoration of stability in Europe and the emergence of a multipolar world order,” Patrushev concluded.

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