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Call Them the ‘Nuclear War Lobby Forum’

April 25, 2023, 2022 (EIRNS)—The dangerous agenda of the April 25-28 “Sixth Free Nations of Post-Russia Forum” hosted by the Hudson Institute today was laid out in the opening speech delivered by Janusz Bugajski of the Jamestown Foundation, a CIA-created bastion of neocons where the dead hand of Zbigniew Brzezinski still rules the roost. His message: You representatives of a myriad of “captive nations and regions” from inside Russia have been assembled in Washington, D.C. by your Anglo-American managers, to lobby like hell for the United States to hold firm on ensuring a Ukrainian military victory over Russia, followed by the dismantling of Russia itself.

An invitation for nuclear war!

Bugajski aggressively instructed those present to “Seize This Historic Moment,” and make sure the “failing” Russian “empire” never rises again. Make your voices heard: set up offices in key capitals; coordinate on strategy; prepare for recognition. People must understand that your nations will be in line with Western values and will strengthen NATO’s flank.

Likewise, the West must “embrace” the collapse of the Russian Federation. Recognition of new ethnic and regional “nations” is the most effective way to ensure a peaceful transition away from Russia as it exists today.

Russian terrorist advocate Ilya Ponomarev, present in person for the Forum’s four days of U.S. lobbying, asked Bugajski the first question: Many in Washington greatly fear the collapse of Russia would bring chaos, instability, “nukes,” and China. You are one of the few in a most influential think tank who understands. How do you recommend we deal with those fears?

The biggest fear is the fear of nuclear weapons, Bugajski replied. With a tone of “how silly,” he dismissed all ideas that breaking up a nuclear superpower could be cause for concern. It makes no sense that Russia would use nuclear weapons against the opposition inside Russia. Nor would Russia use them against the West, since that would only escalate its own destruction. And what could be the danger of nukes falling into the hands of the new states? They wouldn’t have the codes, and who would they use them against? They will all be allies and friends with us? You need to tell Americans “Relax, we can do this peacefully. This can be done.”

The premise of Bugajski’s grand strategy of ending the Russian Federation—which was also the premise of the other Anglo-American operatives who spoke at the event— is Ukraine’s military victory over Russia. That, as Bugajski said, is the “imperative” condition for Russia’s imperial collapse. That will demonstrate that Russia’s borders are transient, and the loss of Crimea and the three Donbass areas will encourage others to go for “freedom.”

Ukraine is qualified to enter NATO now, Bugajski also asserted. That is not yet accepted at the highest level of this administration—yet—out of fear of Moscow. But what can Moscow do? Invade Ukraine? He laughed.

Americans need to be warned: Such arrogant, self-assured, madmen playing chicken with nuclear weapons will bring about Armageddon!

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