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China’s Recipe for Peace in Ukraine Requires ‘Enormous Political Wisdom, Patience, and Perseverance’

April 27, 2023, 2022 (EIRNS)—China’s semi-official Global Times provided a fascinating insight into President Xi Jinping’s phone call diplomacy yesterday with Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, and Xi’s unique capability to unravel the confrontation between the West and Russia. “Regarding the Ukraine crisis, Xi reiterated China’s consistent position and proposition, stating that China will send the Special Representative of the Chinese Government on Eurasian Affairs to Ukraine and other countries to have in-depth communication with all parties on the political settlement of the Ukraine crisis.” They noted that “Zelenskyy welcomed China to play an important role in restoring peace and resolving the Ukraine crisis through diplomatic means. He also noted on social media platform that the talk was long and meaningful, which will strongly promote the development of bilateral relations.”

Global Times kept harping on China’s determined, long-lasting dealing from the standpoint of principle, over time demonstrating “strong stability and continuity, which has increasingly clear and loud echoes in the world.... Since the outbreak of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, China’s efforts to promote a political resolution of the Ukraine crisis have never stopped.” Global Times specifically cites Xi’s “China’s Position on the Political Settlement of the Ukraine Crisis.” Then, of note, it stresses: “China maintains good communication with all parties, including Russia and Ukraine, as well as European powers including France, Germany, and Italy. There are even communications with the U.S. side, and other emerging powers such as Brazil, which are committed to promoting peaceful resolution of the conflict.”

Then Global Times gets to the heart of the matter:

“Different from the ‘dual’ approach advocated by some in the U.S. and the West, China provides a different path full of Eastern wisdom. It sees the Ukraine crisis as a complex and difficult-to-untangle web.... It is possible to slowly untangle the knots one by one, and ultimately achieve a comprehensive ‘escape’ from the crisis. Gradually decomposing complex contradictions, patiently and steadily reaching the core of the problem requires enormous political wisdom, patience, and perseverance....”

But, “as time goes by, many countries, including Russia and Ukraine, as well as others in Europe, have gradually recognized or partially accepted China’s proposed solution. There is also an increasing number of voices within the U.S. that are saying, ‘The world should listen to China’s voice.’...

“Now, both Russia and Ukraine have welcomed China’s efforts to promote peace and talks, and European powers such as France and Germany, as well as EU leaders, also expect that China will play a greater role in promoting peace and talks. After the call between the leaders of China and Ukraine, the White House also expressed its welcome to the call and said it is ‘good thing’.... China is able to communicate directly with all parties involved, seek consensus, and receive positive responses, precisely because China has always adhered to an objective and fair position and demonstrated its role and responsibility as a major power. This role and influence cannot be replaced in today’s world....

“The willingness to negotiate among all parties is rising, and more rational voices are emerging in various European countries. In a sense, the window of opportunity for promoting a political solution to the Ukraine crisis has emerged. Now it is important to seize the opportunity and accumulate energy to jointly open the door of peace for the international community. Compared to simply adding fuel to the fire, the Chinese side believes that there is no simple solution to complex problems, and dialogue and negotiation are the only feasible way out. Seeking long-term peace and stability for Europe through dialogue is the fundamental way out. What is even more encouraging is that this position is gaining more support, and the forces urging peace and talks are constantly growing.”

Global Times concludes:

“It should be noted that since the outbreak of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, the U.S. and Western public opinion has thrown a lot of mud on China.... But a clean hand wants no washing. As time goes by, those accusations are self-defeating, and the image of China as a peaceful builder is becoming clearer and clearer. Both Russia and Ukraine can see this, so can other countries and the international community. Justice will prevail.”

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