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Scott Ritter on Drone Attacks in Russia: U.S. Did Not Consent, But Nefarious Britain May Have

June 3, 2023, 2022 (EIRNS)—Appearing on Judge Andrew Napolitano “Judging Freedom” show—“Is the Biden Team Delusional About Ukraine War?”—on June 2, Scott Ritter replied to a question about the recent drone attacks on Russia:

“Did this come from inside Russia? Did this come from Ukraine? If it came from Ukraine, did American intel know about it? If American Intel knew about it, did the U.S. consent to it? Did the United States government consent to a serious or threatening attack on the home of the Russian President?”

Ritter replied:

“My belief is that the U.S. government did not consent to this attack. The British government may have, however. The British are far more nefarious in terms of the scope and scale of their support to the Ukrainian intelligence services. It’s widely believed with good reason that British intelligence was behind the terrorist attack on the Kerch Bridge [between Crimea and the Russian mainland]—the bomb that collapsed a span—that they were behind various attacks on Russian shipping, and that they have played a role in facilitating Ukrainian drone attacks against Russian targets including targets in Moscow.”

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