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Blinken on Kremlin Drone Attack: It’s Up to Ukraine How To Defend Itself

May 4, 2023, 2022 (EIRNS)—If a terrorist attack happens in Russia, is it really a terrorist attack? Not in the minds of the Biden Administration, apparently. Secretary of State Antony Blinken, being interviewed by Washington Post columnist David Ignatius for “World Press Freedom Day” yesterday, wouldn’t comment on the specifics of the incident at the Kremlin in the early hours of May 3, but made clear his view that the Russians deserved it.

“[W]hen it comes to Ukraine—which is under daily assault—and not just its incredibly courageous military forces, but its citizens—its men, women, and children—being assaulted on a daily basis by this Russian aggression, being bombed out of their homes, their apartments, and their streets, children killed, families torn apart—well, we leave it to Ukraine to decide how it’s going to defend itself, and how it’s going to try to get back the territory that’s been seized from it illegally by Russia over the past 14 months and going back to 2014, back to then,”

he said.

Ignatius followed up by asking, “[I]f Ukraine decided on its own to strike back in Russian territory, the United States would not criticize them?”

“Again, these are decisions for Ukraine to make about how it’s going to defend itself, how it’s going to get its territory back, how it’s going to restore its territorial integrity and its sovereignty,” Blinken replied.

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