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Dearlove Reiterates British Empire Ukraine Policy: No Peace Negotiations Under Any Circumstances

May 5, 2023, 2022 (EIRNS)—Yesterday, the One Decision Podcast released an interview with former MI6 Chief Sir Richard Dearlove, hosted by journalist Julia Macfarlane. The interview focused on Dearlove’s visit to Ukraine on April 27, which happened the day after Chinese President Xi Jinping’s phone call with Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

Dearlove made clear his commitment to NATO’s policy of “fighting to the last Ukrainian” whatever the cost, whether the tragic loss of Ukrainian and Russian troops, the continued destruction of buildings and infrastructure, or the possibility of all-out thermonuclear conflict between the world’s largest nuclear weapons powers.

Asked by Macfarlane about the recent leaks of classified documents from the Pentagon, which revealed the actual assessment that Kiev isn’t heading towards a victory in their much-talked-about Spring Offensive, and that there are gaping vulnerabilities in the Ukrainian air defenses, Dearlove “reassured” Macfarlane, saying that the Ukrainians are not too worried about the leaks, and that they might actually present an advantage in the long term, given the urgency of meeting the Ukraine military’s needs. (One might question Dearlove’s assumption that people of the U.S. and Europe will bend over backwards to support the demands for endless weapons supplies.)

Addressing Kiev’s shortage of S-300 and BUK missiles, which make up 90% of their air defense against Russian bombers, Dearlove stressed that there was “no panic” from the Ukrainian leadership. The recent Pentagon leaks have sorely misled the media, Dearlove said, and the Ukrainians see the war “in a much more multi-dimensional fashion.”

Interestingly, Dearlove recognized certain realities of the situation on the ground that have previously been omitted or outright denied by the mainstream press, such as the proportion of artillery shells fired from Russia (7 Russian shells for every Ukrainian shell), Ukraine’s significant losses in the city of Bakhmut, and the lack of experienced troops.

Despite these recognitions, Dearlove insisted that there would be no negotiations, unless Ukraine reclaimed the territory it had lost throughout the course of the war.

Responding to a question by Macfarlane on the anticipation of a much-vaunted “spring offensive,” Dearlove replied, “All I would say is I think that what is happening militarily on the ground in the lead-up to the [July 11-12 NATO] Vilnius Summit is going to be important because it will influence the discussion.... The other thing I would say, which is absolutely crystal clear, the Ukrainians will not under any circumstances at the moment accept a ceasefire. They will not under any circumstances accept a negotiation which does not meet the terms already laid down publicly by Zelenskyy, which, if you read them, the Russians are not about to agree to. So this talk of peace negotiations, as far as the Ukrainians go, is completely irrelevant at the moment. They are suffering naked aggression on their territory; they didn’t cause the war. And they see that they have the military capability at the moment to regain territory, so their focus is on doing that.”

In other words, the war is in no way being directed by the Ukrainians, but by their masters in London. If Dearlove and company have to go so far as to trigger a “Crimean missile crisis” to make Russia blink, they will surely do so, “or the Ukrainians will die trying.”

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