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Once Again, the Question Posed by Lyndon LaRouche: Have We Lost the Moral Fitness To Survive?

May 10, 2023, 2022 (EIRNS)—What should be said of an anachronistic monarchy, medievalist in both trappings and outlook, whose recently crowned King expresses the view that the planet is terminally overpopulated and requires a “vast military-style campaign” to impose a “fundamental economic transition” back to a feudal form of economy?

What should be said of an American Secretary of State who fawns over that King’s envoy, and breathlessly confesses that “many members of our team got up pretty early on Saturday to watch the [coronation] ceremony, including me,” and found that it “captivated millions and millions of Americans”? What of a Secretary of State who then states his agreement with visiting British Foreign Secretary James Cleverly that “we see very, very close strategic alignment” between the U.S. and the U.K.; that “we have the grit, we have the determination, we have the strategic endurance” to continue to wage NATO’s potentially thermonuclear war against Russia in Ukraine; and that a second front in that global war should be prepared against China?

And what, then, should be said of the American body politic that tolerates—at least it has so far—such a Secretary of State, in such a government, which joins the British Monarchy in its aggressive drive to return mankind to medieval conditions of bestiality? Can Americans no longer see that in Charles’s coronation we are witnessing, as Helga Zepp-LaRouche put it in her weekly webcast today, “a medieval farce that is in denial of reality,” a reality centered on “the collapse of the financial system.” “Theirs is not the winning proposition,” Zepp-LaRouche insisted. “It will not shape the future in any positive way.”

The medieval, brutish concept of Man that this dying empire is desperate to reinstate can be seen in the horrors of Haiti, and equally in the now commonplace “mass killings” which are sweeping the United States at the rate of one every 16 hours. Have we really allowed the killer video games, the “recreational” use of drugs, the chatter of vacuous social media to anesthetize us into accepting this as “the new normal?”

Lyndon LaRouche addressed the core of the matter of this medieval concept of Man in his February 2002 masterpiece “Economics: At the End of a Delusion”:

“Brutish cultural relics of the cultural heritage of the ancient Rome and medieval feudalism, have more than merely persisted into the Twentieth Century; the effort to reverse the clock of modern history, back to brutishness, has been the dominant post-World War II trend in Anglo-American policy-shaping for about a half-century. The U.S. wars against its historic adversary, the British monarchy, are an example of the conflict between the U.S. defense of the principle of the general welfare, against that modern relic of the Norman-allied, imperial maritime power of Venice’s pro-feudalist rentier-financier policies, the policies of the British monarchy since 1714.”

Earlier in that same article, LaRouche wrote:

“The first thing to know, is that, contrary to some ivory-tower ‘true believers,’ the subject of economics did not exist in any rational form prior to what is known, alternately, as the Fifteenth-Century, or ‘Golden’ Renaissance. It was that Renaissance which defines the difference, between, the essentially medieval, A.D. 300-1400 history of European civilization, and its post-1400 phase, as modern civilization. Economy began with the birth of the modern nation-state, over the course of the Fifteenth-Century, Italy-pivotted Renaissance....

“Societies qualifying as such economies did not exist in ancient or medieval history. Those who ruled then, used the subject populations as virtual human cattle, for the advantage of the ruling oligarchy and its lackeys. For them, as for the notorious feudalist Dr. François Quesnay, the fruit of society belonged, by divine right, to the overlord; the rights of the toilers were limited to the same kind of rights a farmer accords to the lower forms of life he hunts down, or maintains, or culls as cattle. That oligarchical system is also typical of the philosophy of John Locke, and the radical-positivist definition of ‘shareholder value’ recently upheld by the majority of the U.S. Supreme Court. The notion of accountability for the general welfare of a human population, as specifically human, as a whole, did not exist.”

As Helga Zepp-LaRouche stated succinctly in this week’s webcast: “Their voice is that of a past, dying empire.... The sooner more people stand up and say this has to stop, the better.”

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