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All-Out War Gets Closer Though Most of World’s Leaders Reject It

May 14, 2023, 2022 (EIRNS)—Each step by NATO in Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s latest “tour” of Europe is ratcheting up the threat of direct war between Russia and NATO’s nuclear powers Britain and the United States.

The Washington Post’s Saturday-Sunday “leak of a leak,” attributing to Zelenskyy the “hidden” desire to make military attacks all over Russia, appeared as a cover for the British military/intelligence oligarchy’s intention that those attacks start now with NATO’s weaponry and trainers. British 300-km-range Storm Shadow cruise missiles, just delivered to Ukraine May 11, have already been used to attack Lugansk’s capital while Russian dignitaries were there; new NATO systems undoubtedly were used May 12-13 in attacks against Russian aircraft flying in the Bryansk region of Russia north of Ukraine.

Zelenskyy’s May 13-14 visit to Berlin involved discussion of air defense weapons and was the signal for another €2.7 billion in German weapon systems and funds, Germany’s largest military aid package yet for Ukraine. His “Karlspreis” received in Aachen, Germany, was one which has repeatedly been awarded to NATO leaders since NATO Secretary General Paul-Henri Spaak in 1957, and to anti-Russian ideologues since Count Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi in 1950. Even Zelenskyy’s meeting with Pope Francis in the Vatican on May 13 was used by the Ukrainian leader to make statements dismissing both the Pope’s and China’s peace negotiation proposals, and insisting that “it must be Ukraine’s peace” and negotiations must “begin when we are at the border of Crimea.”

This NATO escalation of the war to military confrontation of nuclear superpowers, is occurring as Germany deindustrializes; while the U.K. falls into a “third world” level of food price inflation (19%) and food deprivation and its officials tell its people, “accept the fact that you are poorer”; while the officials of the Biden Administration and Federal Reserve daily tell Americans to ignore months of failures of mid-sized and major banks.

And because well over 100 nations of the “Global South” refuse to back this war against Russia (and China), and reject the NATO countries’ colonialist orders to join it, those nations are the allies of organizations and citizens in the United States and Europe who want to prevent nuclear war and to advance peace and recovery.

Making this clear, Helga Zepp-LaRouche told China Radio International’s “World Today” on May 12, in an extensive panel interview:

“Look, the financial system is very shaky. Bloomberg just recently reported that of 4,800 U.S. banks, 2,300 have more liabilities than assets. Now, that is a complete risk. So, what will be done about that is that a new currency is in the process of being created by the countries of the Global South, which are de-dollarizing because they do not any longer want to have to pay for U.S. budget deficits, de facto. There are so many—I don’t even want to start with Ukraine and Taiwan—I think the complexity of the problems of the world right now do require that people make a jump and think about a new paradigm altogether....

“So you have a very complex situation which is terribly dangerous. And I think what is required is to really define a completely new paradigm in thinking, to start with the common interest of the one humanity, put the national interests in the context of that, and then find a way of overcoming these supposedly unbridgeable difficulties, because the Global South—that’s 85% of the human population—they want to end colonialism. They do not want anymore to be deprived of economic development. And because of the Belt and Road Initiative, which is now ten years in progress, many countries see for the first time the perspective of overcoming underdevelopment and poverty. Europe should join with China in that endeavor! To develop Africa, Latin America, and many Asian countries and even the poor in Europe, and by that token, even the United States, it would require that all countries cooperate.”

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