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Putin Stresses To Strengthen National Unity, Crush Western Drive To Break Up Russia

May 20, 2023, 2022 (EIRNS)—Russians must take measures to head off the intent of Russia’s “eternal geopolitical adversaries” to break up Russia, President Vladimir Putin recommended at a May 19 meeting of Russia’s Council of Interethnic Relations. He addressed Council members from various regions of the nation by videoconference from the North Caucasus Federal District, at the start of two days of meetings with Council members. His statement cut to the chase:

“Our adversaries have decided that Russia’s multi-ethnicity is a tender spot, and they are making every effort to divide us.... The adversaries I have mentioned, as you know from your own experience, stage provocations within ethnic communities, establish socio-political associations, allegedly on behalf of Russian peoples, which represent only themselves and other stool pigeons, and shamelessly declare the need for the so-called decolonization of Russia... They say that Russia must be divided into dozens of small states, and it is clear why—so as to subsequently bend these states to their will, exploit them and use them for their own mercenary purposes. They have no other goals.”

Executive Intelligence Review, in its May 5, 2023 issue, published an urgent call for sane forces in the West to “shut down” precisely this Anglo-American strategy to “break up Russia” to which the Russian President referred, before the maniacs behind it drive the world into nuclear annihilation. EIR has made its 11-page dossier, exposing that supremely dangerous so-called “decolonization” strategy and the networks behind it, available for circulation as an offprint.

The “people with neo-colonial mindsets, halfwits” who have devised this strategy “would come in second in a contest of halfwits,” Putin joked. They fail to understand that Russia’s cultural and ethnic diversity is “Russia’s strength,” not its weakness. Russia’s “unparalleled multiethnic and multi-religious culture” was formed over generations. “Without a doubt, many things have happened over the millennial history of our multiethnic nation just like things happen in any family, including disagreements, falling-outs and differences. This is life. But this is the way the Russian family of peoples took shape—gradually, over a thousand years.”

These neocolonial halfwits “fail to understand that faced with external aggression and external pressure, our multiethnic nation is only getting stronger.”

The adversaries’ strategy, nonetheless, is “one of the key issues of our life and our existence as a state,” and proactive measures must be taken to protect the nation on this front, he warned.

“This fight will unquestionably go on. Our geopolitical adversaries have been doing that for centuries, they are doing it now and will certainly do it in the future.... [But] on the other hand, they will improve this tool, and we must be aware of that. The most important thing for us is to grow stronger internally, to strengthen our statehood, the foundation of our home and our future. This foundation is inter-ethnic accord.”

The agenda for the Council’s two days of meetings included adjusting the State National Policy Strategy (adopted 10 years ago to improve inter-ethnic relations) for incorporating the new regions of Kherson and Zaporozhye and the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics, with their multiethnic populations.

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