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Lula’s Peace Envoy Warns, Beware a Versailles Treaty vs. Russia, Lest World War III May Result

June 2, 2023, 2022 (EIRNS)—Former Foreign Minister Celso Amorim, Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva’s official foreign policy advisor, exposed the fraud of the NATO-Ukraine gambit to organize a “peace conference” from which Russia, held solely responsible for the conflict, is to be excluded. Amorim did not mention that “peace conference” fraud by name in his interview published today in Financial Times. He did not have to. He simply pointed to the Second World War that resulted from the Versailles Treaty, based on similar premises.

Amorim reiterated that his government is intent on organizing the “club” of nations committed to creating conditions for serious peace talks which President Lula has proposed, because “we don’t want a third world war. And even if we don’t have that, we don’t want a new Cold War. All concerns of countries in the region should be taken into account, if you want peace. The only other alternative is total military victory against Russia. Do you know what comes after? I don’t....

“We cannot judge the situation by the last 1.5 years. This is a situation of decades. [Russia has] concerns that have to be taken into account. That is not the fault of Ukraine. Ukraine is a victim, a victim of the remnants of the Cold War.”

The Financial Times wrote that Brazil is concerned about “perceived Western efforts to weaken Russia,” to then quote Amorim: “I am reminded of the situation in Germany after the First World War: The objective was to weaken Germany at [the Treaty of] Versailles and we know where that led.”

The City of London’s daily notes that “Lula has been accused of maintaining ‘pro-Russian neutrality,’ ” and the White House had charged Brazil with “parroting Russian and Chinese propaganda” after Lula dared say that Ukraine and Washington also bear responsibility for the conflict, and Washington is “encouraging the war” with its endless supply of weapons.

But the financier warmongers admitted that they face a problem: “Brazilian neutrality towards Russia has broad, cross-party support and is a rare point of continuity between Lula and the previous rightwing presidency of Jair Bolsonaro.” The Getúlio Vargas Foundation’s well-known analyst Oliver Stuenkel told FT: “Non-alignment is seen as a safe bet in a world where great power competition will increase. From the Brazilian point of view, the rise of China and re-emergence of Russia is not actually bad ... that is why [Brasília has] no interest in joining [a] Western coalition against Russia.”

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