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International Peace Coalition Holds Second Meeting

June 16, 2023, 2022 (EIRNS)—The second meeting of the International Peace Coalition, launched on June 2, was held today with 21 guests from peace-oriented organizations from about a dozen countries. The character of the two-and-a-half-hour discussion was enthusiastic support for the idea that uniting the growing, but still inadequate, sentiment of the population against the war policy which now dominates the Western governments and their mainstream media outlets.

Helga Zepp-LaRouche opened the event, emphasizing the successful Schiller Institute event of June 10, “The World Needs JFK’s Vision of Peace!” honoring the famous JFK speech of June 10 1963, sixty years earlier, calling for a “paradigm of peace for all nations of the world and for all generations,” and announcing the effort to end nuclear weapons testing. She said the world is devolving into two opposing systems, with a greater division and greater danger than the conflict during the Cuban Missile Crisis, with the push to expand “Global NATO,” targeting as enemies the BRICS nations and others of the Global South, while most of the world is working toward a final end of the colonial system and a new architecture based on development and security for all nations. She called for investigations into the acts of terror which destroyed the Nord Stream pipelines and the Kakhovka dam and hydro power plant.

Speakers from India, Italy, the United States, Sweden, Australia, Spain, Argentina, Germany, Guyana, and more, offered numerous proposals on how to awaken the conscience of the populations internationally, on both the extreme danger of global war, perhaps nuclear war, but also the potential to bring the world together in ending the war policy and building a new understanding of cooperation for a better system of human civilization. Helga Zepp-LaRouche took note of the many proposals, encouraging everyone to take them up both within their own countries, but also speaking out in international fora.

It was agreed that these meetings would continue to be held, and expand, on a weekly basis. It was also agreed to establish a new platform which would be established for discussion and reporting on developments among the participants of the Coalition. A new Day of International Activation was proposed, with various dates proposed, including Nov. 22 (the 60th anniversary of the JFK assassination) and August 6 (the anniversary of the nuclear destruction of Hiroshima). Further discussion and deliberation will follow.

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