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Surviving the Unsurvivable

June 27, 2023, 2022 (EIRNS)—Anglo-American NATO is driving an escalatory and acute danger of unsurvivable nuclear war, by demanding that Russia surrender its role as a world power and that China do likewise. Today, the most concentrated aspect of this threat is the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant (ZNPP). This plant is currently a central element of a plan to escalate the conflict to bring NATO into direct military confrontation with the Russian Federation.

Three weeks ago, Ukrainian forces destroyed the dam that creates the reservoir from which the plant draws its cooling water. And now they claim that Russia is preparing to use explosive charges to destroy the plant and its onsite cooling pond, causing widespread radiation damage.

Following the destruction of the Nord Stream (an act perpetrated by Russia, we are supposedly expected to believe—or at least not question too loudly) and the Kakhovka dam and hydroelectric power plant, that supplied the nuclear power plant and Crimea with water (also supposedly done by the dastardly Russians), we are expected to believe that Russia is going to cause an intentional disaster at Europe’s largest nuclear plant, within a region that it considers part of the Russian Federation itself.

If it seems hard to think that they’d expect people to believe this, you’re right. That’s why they’re so hard at work providing material to their stenographers in the press, who are splitting their time at present by publishing entirely absurd interpretations of the over-so-fast-you-may-have-missed-it Prigozhin mutiny. “Rather than test the loyalty and strength of government forces to crush the uprising, the Russian leader grabbed the first exit he was offered—a sign of weakness that might invite another attempt,” opined a spectacularly foolish Washington Post columnist, who presumably would have preferred to see Putin demonstrate his strength by killing large numbers of Russian troops.

The psychological warfare around the ZNPP was laid out already in April, in a report by the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI), Britain’s oldest think-tank, which is closely tied to the royal family and British intelligence.

The April report, entitled “Dangerous Targets: Civilian Nuclear Infrastructure and the War in Ukraine,” claimed that “Russia may manufacture a radiological incident at the ZNPP or another facility to spoil a Ukrainian offensive,” and that the West should make “clear to Russia that any such incident would be followed by a massive response to mitigate damage.” Under the RUSI scenario of escalation, allies of Ukraine might offer specially trained military “personnel” to “assist” Ukraine, which would then lead to a direct, Article 5 confrontation with NATO if they were killed or injured by Russian forces.

Do the denizens of this “think” tank want a world war? It seems that they do! Attempts to destroy Russia’s independence as a world power have been at play for decades, during most of its post-Soviet existence. The “shock therapy” of the 1990s looted the economy. Waves of NATO expansion and American withdrawals from strategic security agreements raised the stakes. The Ukraine coup of 2014, followed by attacks on the Donbass republics, is a particularly clear example.

The Ukrainian “counteroffensive” has hardly been a success. Is the real Ukrainian “counteroffensive” seen in the Prigozhin mutiny and plans to destroy the ZNPP?

The current strategic situation is where Anglo-American insistence on a unipolar world was always headed.

Will we adopt, in place of the Anglo-American financial imperium, a new paradigm fostering the development and security of all nations of the planet?

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