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Russian National Guard Chief Asserts, Armed Rebellion Inspired From Abroad

June 28, 2023, 2022 (EIRNS)—Viktor Zolotov, the chief of the Rosgvardiya (Russian national guard) told reporters in Moscow yesterday that Western countries may have had prior knowledge about plans for an armed mutiny in Russia and were involved in it. “Of course, the mutiny was prearranged, inspired by Western intelligence services, because they knew about it weeks in advance,” he said, reported TASS.

Zolotov also added that there had been “information leaks” from “Prigozhin’s camp,” which were “rather specific, about the fact that a mutiny is being planned, and that it would take place between June 22 and 25, which is exactly what happened.” “It proves that all of this was inspired by the West, and, apparently, they instigated Prigozhin himself, or maybe his ambitions took over and he wanted a higher position,” the National Guard chief said.

In addition, Zolotov pointed to the great work of Prigozhin’s speechwriters, as well as to the work of the Wagner PMC founder himself. “It was all organized very competently, very clearly, so I do not rule out that Western intelligence services may be behind it,” he concluded.

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