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Flash! U.K. No2NATO and Schiller Institute Team Up in Anti-War Broadcast

June 29, 2023, 2022 (EIRNS)—The No2NATO.org, founded by former British MP George Galloway to lead active opposition to NATO and its wars in the U.K., joined forces with the international Schiller Institute today to co-stream its third public meeting against NATO and its wars in Ukraine, Syria, etc. The last two No2NATO public meetings have been watched by hundreds of thousands of people, Galloway reported at the outset of today’s 1-hour-plus broadcast, making it the biggest anti-war meeting since the 2003 protests against the Iraq war. Joining George Galloway in today’s discussion were British-Syrian journalist Richard Medhurst, UK Column journalist Patrick Henningser, and the Schiller Institute’s own Anastasia Battle, introduced as the editor-in-chief of the institute’s Leonore magazine and organizer of the International Peace Coalition..

The discussion by all participants was on target, strategically broad (including discussion of the BRICS dynamic), appropriately serious, lively and action-oriented. Battle gave a top-down overview of the dynamic driving the supreme danger of nuclear war, with the oligarchical enemy collapsing and bankrupt, and left with nothing but nuclear war to try to save itself, even as an alternative system in which nations collaborate around development is coming into being. She informed everyone of the plans for worldwide demonstrations on August 6, and at one point, showed the intervention by herself and her husband in a one-two punch against Barack Obama in Michigan, as an example of what people can and must do. Full report tomorrow. Meanwhile, watch the meeting’s broadcast on the Schiller Institute’s YouTube channel at or No2NATO’s, and get it around!

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