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Dutch Government Collapses

July 7, 2023, 2022 (EIRNS)—Today, on July 7, the Dutch government, the cabinet of Malthusian Prime Minister Mark Rutte, has collapsed. One less government run by the World Economic Forum’s Klaus Schwab! The inability to deal with the effects of draconian measures promoted by Brussels, together with heated arguments about asylum policies, have shredded ties between the four coalition partners, the VVD, D66, CDA and CU. On Friday, June 30, the last attempt to reach an agreement failed. New elections loom for the fall. That’s good news for the farmer: his or her expropriation is on hold; draconian persecution for “too many emissions of CO2 or nitrogen compounds” is also on hold. Preparation for new elections in the fall will provide an enormous educational/organizing opportunity for people of good will, and good sense.

The media are playing up the asylum problem as the cause for the trainwreck (floods of refugees caused by neo-con wrecking of former colonial countries). This is a special sore point, because the policy is dictated as law by the EU in Brussels.

The asylum issue is a serious problem, but that’s not what brought down the government. For a number of years, Brussels and The Hague, with their cruel Malthusian acolyte, Prime Minister Mark Rutte, have been trying to “shrink” farmers and livestock by at least 25% and going on to 60%, using “climate” and “nature areas” as an excuse. Under these threatening conditions, farmer suicides in the Netherlands amount to one every 12 days. Meanwhile, the Farmers Defense Force (FDF) has resisted vigorously and with compassion; deploying tractorcades and educational posts on social media, and also taking the fishermen under their protective wing, to protect their life’s investment and family tradition from destruction by the Davos piranhas. The FDF is also a platform for the victims of Rutte/EU sadism, such as the “children’s allowance scandal,” in which 35,000 families were accused of fraud by a government algorithm, which caused terror and sparked a number of suicides.

On March 11 of this year, the Farmers Defense Force held a huge rally in The Hague of some 10-20,000, to which a Schiller Institute Farm Representative brought greetings, as did others from Canada. In a regional election four days later, the ruling coalition’s candidates lost their shirts. A brand-new party, BoerBurgerBeweging (BBB) or Farmers-Citizens Movement, gained what could potentially be make-it-or-break-it power in the next government.

On June 29, the FDF held another rally which, in spite of naysayers, and government sabotage and harassment, sent a clear message around the country, to “pull the plug” on the weak link of the cabinet coalition, the CDA. Only seven hours before the government collapse, FDF President Mark van den Oever told activists on social media not to get discouraged, but “go after the CDA, they don’t know whether to poop or to pee. Think about it, but not too long.”

Many people had begun hanging the CDA flag upside-down, as they had already done with the Dutch flag. The clear impression is that at least half the population have “had it up to here” with the government. So today, eight days after the FDF demonstration, and seven hours after van den Oever’s exhortation, the rotten cabinet collapsed.

Let the debate begin, on leaving the war-mongering NATO, dumping the EU, and joining the BRICS and the Belt and Road! Additional topics: Doubling Dutch agricultural production; exporting the recently restocked wolves to Davos, where they will feel at home; bringing more land under cultivation; and improved technologies, since too many people in the world still don’t have enough to eat, and farmers love to produce food!

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