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Kucinich Argues for Disbanding NATO as the Only Way To Prevent World War III

July 11, 2023, 2022 (EIRNS)—Dennis Kucinich, former Ohio Democratic Congressman, former Presidential candidate, and currently campaign manager for Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s Presidential bid, argues in an article posted on “The Dennis Kucinich Report” website that the disbanding of NATO might be the only way to prevent World War III.

“The proxy war of the U.S. vs. Russia in Ukraine could easily develop into World War III,” he writes at the outset. “The litany of dangerous weaponry presaging a direct, full-scale war between the U.S. and Russia is instructive: The most advanced tanks, F-16s, depleted uranium munitions, cluster bombs, and even discussion of ‘tactical’ nuclear weapons are thrown into an already toxic admixture, always open to further miscalculation.”

Key to the problem, Kucinich argues, is NATO. “NATO military strategies have lacked cohesion and coherence and have led to stasis on the battlefield. Victory over Russia has occurred in the western media, but not on the battlefield. There will be no ceasefire because trickery is no longer an option,” he writes. “NATO officials will look to escalate the war. The U.S. knows it cannot. Clearly Europe needs a new security architecture which includes Russia with security guarantees for all member states. How can this be achieved with NATO resistance to an end to the war?”

The one item that should be on the agenda in Vilnius is not, which is the sunsetting of the 1949 treaty that established the alliance. “The dissolution of NATO itself may be the only way to prevent wider war and to stop the United States and the world from being plunged into the abyss of a wider, cataclysmic war,” Kucinich says.

Kucinich then offers a list of ten reasons why NATO should be abolished. These include, among others, that NATO fulfilled its purpose when the Soviet Union dissolved in 1991; NATO is an expansionist military organization which has extended its area of interest far beyond the North Atlantic; NATO is an instrument of war; and NATO policies are antithetical to European social and economic concerns.

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