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Cluster Bomb Decision Exposes Gaping Cracks in ‘Western Unity’

July 10, 2023, 2022 (EIRNS)—When you go to flip on the lights, but instead the switch causes the toilet to flush, you know you’ve got a problem.

This is the situation with the trans-Atlantic alliance today, where every action taken in the effort to project dominance over the world ends up backfiring in their face. First was the case of sanctions against Russia, which harmed Western economies far worse than Russia’s. Then it was the arm-twisting of neutral nations to join in condemning Russia for their military operation in Ukraine, which has led to a near all-out revolt by the Global South. Now, a similar thing seems to be happening with the criminal and hypocritical decision to supply Ukraine with cluster munitions—supposedly for “humanitarian” reasons.

The intent of Western elites is increasingly laid bare for all to see—the unflinching desire to crush the Russian state, even if it means years and decades of suffering for Ukrainians—or even the complete destruction of the Ukrainian nation. The decision to send cluster munitions is being condemned worldwide, even by close allies of the United States. Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen said in response: “It has been more than half a century [since the end of the Vietnam War]. There have been no means to destroy them all yet.” He was referencing the bombing campaign by the U.S. during the Vietnam War which still affects his country to this day.

Even more dramatically, President Biden admitted during his CNN interview July 7 that this decision was being made largely because the U.S. was running out of traditional ammunition to send to Ukraine, so therefore the new munitions (sitting in old stockpiles) were necessary to keep the fighting going. But wait, isn’t Russia the one running out of supplies and about to lose the war?! This cynical gambit will only further inflame the situation and continue to march the world to the cliff of nuclear war.

Amidst this dramatic tension, where some are seeing reality flash—even if briefly—before their eyes, the Schiller Institute held a unique global conference over the weekend. With elected representatives, diplomats, scientists, cultural and social leaders, academics, and many more from all across the globe, a discussion took place that placed the solution boldly on the table: Release the ambition of control over the world, and accept instead a win-win relationship with the emerging majority of humanity. Rather than coldly asserting dominance, and demanding all others play by the West’s failing “rules-based order,” Western nations should instead work with the nations of the Global South in shaping a new world, and contribute their respective strengths that truly are beautiful. Take the best ideas from the West, and contribute them towards shaping this new security and development architecture.

This is the role played by the LaRouche movement, one that is absolutely unique on the world stage. The world is cracking at the seams, and is poised for a different idea to give it a new shape. Join us in this effort—circulate the Urgent Appeal to the (Next) President of the United States:

And stay tuned for the forthcoming proceedings from last weekend’s conference.

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