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African Union Likely To Become a Member of G20 This Year

July 15, 2023, 2022 (EIRNS)—Reuters reported June 18 that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi had written to the leaders of the G20 nations proposing the African Union be given full, permanent membership in the G20, beginning with the next G20 Summit which will be held in New Delhi Sept. 9-10. The Indian proposal appears to have prevailed, as it is included in the draft communiqué announcing the summit, which is being prepared now by G20 sherpas. It was reported by the Press Trust of India (PTI) July 15.

Recently Western industrialized nations, realizing that India and potentially China would push for inclusion of the AU, have been endorsing it themselves in order to “pre-empt” the Asian powers, according to the Indian regional newspaper Deccan Herald on June 23. Whatever negotiations may have been involved in India’s proposal, it will increase the AU’s capabilities in acting for peace agreements and a new development architecture.

The March 1-2 Foreign Ministers Meeting in New Delhi had stressed: “The need for revitalized multilateralism ... and to make global governance more representative, effective, transparent and accountable, has been voiced at multiple fora. ... We are supportive of further deepening cooperation between the G20 and regional partners, including African partners.”

And on April 17, summarizing its G20 presidency thus far, India wrote in a press release:

“During its Presidency, India is also amplifying the voice and concerns of the Global South and developing countries. The Voice of Global South Summit held in January 2023, chaired by the Prime Minister, was attended by 125 countries, including 18 at Heads of State/Government level and others at Ministerial level. Furthermore, during India’s ongoing Presidency, participation from Africa is the highest ever, which includes South Africa (G20 Member), Mauritius, Egypt, Nigeria, AU Chair-Comoros, and AUDA-NEPAD.”

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