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RFK, Jr. and Trump Call Out Biden on His Sending More Troops to Europe

July 15, 2023, 2022 (EIRNS)—President Biden’s decision on July 13 to send more troops to Europe, prompted notable commentary from two of Biden’s expected opponents in the Presidential race, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., and former President Donald Trump. RFK, Jr tweeted yesterday: “Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian youth have already died because America’s foreign policy establishment manipulated their country into war to fulfill vain + futile geopolitical fantasy. Now, rather than acknowledge failure, Biden admin prepares to sacrifice American lives too.

“Meanwhile, our cities decay, our infrastructure falls apart, our middle class hollows out, crime soars, chronic disease and addiction run rampant. We can heal all of this if we try. But not if we pour our resources into foreign wars.

“Biden has lost his way. He is out of touch with the real needs and priorities of the American people. Do you care more about global military dominance, or would you like to rebuild our prosperity from the inside out? #Kennedy24”

Trump said that the

“reckless escalation in Ukraine is straining the U.S. military to the point of disaster. ... Joe Biden can’t even walk up the steps of Air Force One without tripping. The last thing this incompetent administration should be doing is pushing us further toward World War Three. ... Not one American mother or father wants to send their child to die in Eastern Europe. We must have PEACE.” (Emphasis in original.)

Usefully, Republican presidential precandidate Vivek Ramaswamy called it “downright disturbing” that the U.S. media are giving Biden a pass on his latest move. His statement asked: “What is the justification now [for sending reservists to Europe]? What are the operations? Where will they go? What will they do? We need answers, not sweeping this under the rug as Biden would prefer.”

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