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Attack on Kerch Strait Bridge Kills Two, Damages Roadway

July 17, 2023, 2022 (EIRNS)—The Russians are calling the explosion on the bridge from Crimea to the Russian mainland a terrorist attack. Two civilians, a married couple, were killed in their car and their daughter was wounded, by an explosion on the roadway of the Kerch Strait bridge early this morning Moscow time, according to Crimea Governor Sergei Aksyonov. The roadway was damaged, a section of the span at the 145th support column was knocked out of line, becoming impassable but remained on the supporting column. Vehicular traffic across the bridge was halted and train service delayed, though it appears that there was no damage to the rail span. Ferry service has resumed across the strait but so far is limited to passenger buses. Truck and other traffic is being rerouted overland through the Kherson region and the other new regions.

Russian Presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters at the Kremlin that President Vladimir Putin had been briefed on the consequences of the attack by Deputy Prime Minister Marat Khusnullin, FSB chief Alexander Bortnikov, Transportation Minister Vitaly Savelyev and Crimean Governor Sergey Aksyonov. “The Russian President issued instructions to make sure efforts are made to keep the traffic going toward Crimea, to provide help and assistance to people that are on the road,” Peskov said. He also noted that Putin ordered Khusnullin to go to the scene and personally take charge of repair efforts.

The Russian Investigative Committee issued a statement reporting that it has opened a criminal investigation based on the Russian criminal code. It said that “as a result of a terrorist act committed by the special services of Ukraine, one of the sections of the Crimean Bridge was damaged. Two civilians were killed (a man and a woman traveling in a car on the bridge), their minor daughter was injured.” Furthermore, “The investigation is identifying persons from among the Ukrainian special services and armed formations involved in the organization and execution of this crime.”

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova issued a statement implicating the U.S. and U.K. secret services. “Today’s attack on the Crimean Bridge was perpetrated by Kiev, which is a terrorist regime and has all the traits of an international organized crime group,” she said. “Decisions are made by Ukrainian officials and the military with the direct involvement of the U.S. and British intelligence services and politicians. The United States and Britain are running this state-run terrorist entity.”

The response so far by the Kiev regime appears to be one of smug satisfaction. Ukrinform cites the main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine (GUR) recalling the words of its head Kyrylo Budanov that the Kerch Bridge is a redundant structure. The regime might do well to recall, as well, that Russia responded to the first attack on the Kerch Strait bridge, last October, by launching its campaign against Ukrainian electricity and transportation infrastructure.

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