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Time To Dissolve the NATO Depopulation Lobby!

July 18, 2023, 2022 (EIRNS)—Now is the time for the International Peace Coalition, and all right-thinking people worldwide, to intervene to expose and reverse the latest crime against humanity being committed in broad daylight by the NATO Death Lobby. The world, particularly the 2 billion people now enduring food insecurity, must have access to the grain and fertilizer of both Russia and Ukraine, and therefore, the free shipment of these resources to those nations most in need, where offered, must be allowed. That has not been the case for more than a year, and as of now, 750 million people worldwide are in immediate jeopardy, “going hungry,” an increase of 122 million from 2019 to 2022, according to the UN World Food Program.

It has been the criminal negligence of the United Nations that has prevented this, although Russia had made it known months ago that it would provide food and fertilizer free of charge to the countries most in need. Worse, it was exposed months ago that the Ukrainian food that was in fact being shipped through the Black Sea was not going to poor nations, but to European and other affluent nations. EIR Co-Editor Marcia Baker reports that

“President Vladimir Putin said at the Shanghai Cooperation Organization meeting in Uzbekistan on Sept. 15, 2022, after the Black Sea Grain Initiative had been in effect for two months, that Russia stood ready to provide 300,000 tons of fertilizers free of charge to developing countries.... But the EU was blocking the fertilizer shipments; and the grain was also hampered....

“Putin pointed out that as of September, the EU, despite its sanctions against Russia, had allowed Russian fertilizer ships stranded in European ports because of EU sanctions to be freed, if they were delivering the fertilizer to EU member nations. But Russian fertilizer shipments to developing nations were blocked by EU sanctions, a violation of the Black Sea Grain Initiative.... On Nov. 4, 2022 Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said in a speech to a business meeting, ‘In my phone call with Vladimir Putin, he said, “Let’s send this grain [from Russia through the Black Sea] to countries such as Djibouti, Somalia and Sudan for free”—and we agreed.’  Why, then, are 750 million people, over 100 million more than last year, going hungry?”

Such a crime against humanity is now being blamed by Great Britain and the United States on Russia, even as both of them have reduced their food aid to Afghanistan from $1.2 billion to $74 million, and from $522 million to $30 million, respectively! Even more perversely, the State Department has denounced Afghanistan’s Taliban for eliminating the opium traffic and growing food instead, despite the food shortage in that country. The Anglo-American “human rights organizations” and NGOs are even worse, saying nothing about denial of food crime, even as they bray about the “human rights” of Afghan women and children whom those organizations are indirectly starving to death by their silence.

Consider, also, whether the NATO countries’ deployment of cluster bombs into Ukraine may have more to do with sowing the seeds of death directly into the very soil of Ukraine, turning it from a life-giving bread-basket into macabre killing fields. It is well known that there is no military victory possible for Ukraine in this war—so, is the purpose “to destroy Ukraine in order to save it,” as was said about American-liberated-and-then-razed villages in the War in Vietnam? The bloody Macbeths of the trans-Atlantic (and the analogy is accurate, considering their assassinations of President John F. Kennedy, Italy’s Enrico Mattei, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, and Robert F. Kennedy, among many others) can no longer bamboozle, coerce, or threaten the “Global Majority.” The trans-Atlantic Death Lobby has “lost the mantle of heaven.” Seven billion of the world’s eight billion people reject their blueprint—or shall we say greenprint?—for extinction.

For example, try as they might, the NATO post-Vilnius sideshow could not cajole, bully, persuade, or bribe the nations of the Global Majority, either at the just-concluded 50-nation EU/CELAC meeting over July 17-18, nor at the same days’ G20 finance ministers’ meeting in India, to issue communiqués condemning Russia. “EU officials had hoped the summit with the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) would clearly deplore Russia for invading its neighbor in February last year. But the final declaration did not mention Russia,” reported Reuters. Don’t they realize that these nations, besides having their own sense of integrity and justice, and their own independent domestic and foreign policies, also have memories—including of assassinations and coups carried out by Anglo-American intelligence agencies—on their own soil?

Does NATO think that the world has forgotten what actually happened with the explosion of Russia’s Nord Stream gas pipelines to Germany? Do they think the Global Majority can’t remember what happened to Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya, and what continues to happen to Syria in the name of the “War On Terrorism”? Does the Anglosphere think formerly colonialized people aren’t smart enough to notice, that when a “carbon friendly,” “green energy” proposal like the Inga Dam, potentially providing life-saving electricity to 600 million people in Africa—7.5% of the human race—in the most energy-deprived, least-“consuming” population in the world, is put forward by African heads of state, no one from the trans-Atlantic world responds in the affirmative? Do “Perfidious Albion” and its allies truly not understand that such a display of moral indifference is, for these aspiring countries, prima facie evidence that the old Anglo-American imperial mentality, in a new “planet saving” green guise, is actually saying to them, “We don’t want your dirty black carbon footprints trekking through our garden, or the jungle”?

There is a higher ground, a higher purpose, a higher peace, proposed in 1963 by Pope John XXIII, and by the soon-assassinated John Kennedy. It is this higher method, discovered by Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa in the 15th century, that we must use now. We must demand that the citizens of the trans-Atlantic world supersede their governments, in the most public way possible, so that the world sees them as the alternative to their morally bankrupt regimes. They must take responsibility for the world.

During his 1960 campaign, Presidential candidate John F. Kennedy told South Dakota farmers, “The problems that you face here in the state of South Dakota, dealing with the problem of agriculture, how we are going to harness our capacity, how we are going to harness our abundance and make our abundance fruitful for ourselves and for people all around the world is a problem far more vast, far more complicated, than any which faced any 19th-century statesman.... If we fail, the whole cause of freedom fails. If we succeed, the cause of freedom succeeds. That is the responsibility that is thrust upon a corn farmer or a wheat farmer in the state of South Dakota. He must concern himself not only with agricultural policy, but with our policy toward Pakistan and India and Latin America and Africa, and our policy in outer space as well as in the earth of South Dakota.”

In 1961, he would create the Food For Peace Program. Lyndon LaRouche resurrected and transformed that idea in 1988, prior to his criminal incarceration, making it the core of a security proposal and a positive economic policy offered to the Soviet Union at Kempinski’s Bristol Hotel in Berlin on October 12 of that year. Helga Zepp-LaRouche on November 22, 2021 called for a similar policy of all nations toward assisting Afghanistan, Haiti, Syria, Türkiye, and other crisis spots, as part of a new world security and development architecture. Surely, whatever “side” one is on in the present proxy war, there is a way for humanity to join forces to feed people, especially children, who have no knowledge and bear no responsibility for those conflicts. The NATO death-lobby may not believe in that, but humanity does. That is the “Coincidence of Opposites” that is the content of our August 6 intervention at the United Nations in New York City on behalf of Humanity For Peace.

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