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NATO Preparations for Global War Are in High Gear, as the Global Majority Is Building Bridges for Peace and Development

July 23, 2023, 2022 (EIRNS)—While the war in Ukraine is being escalated through the newly deployed U.S. anti-personnel cluster bombs, together with billions of dollars from the IMF/World Bank institutions (which were designed to build countries, rather than to blow them up), the U.S. and its NATO allies are also carrying out the largest military exercise in decades in Australia, demonstrating their intent to create a “Global NATO,” capable of waging war on China in addition to their war on Russia. The irony of the fact that the surrogate war on Russia in Ukraine is already essentially lost is no longer being hidden in the Western world—the failure of the “counter-offensive” is now acknowledged nearly everywhere, with even some military experts admitting that the military knew that the counter-offensive could not succeed long before it was launched.

At the same time, NATO is being brought closer and closer to openly participating with troops in the war in Ukraine, which would mean full-scale war between NATO and Russia, almost certainly including the use of nuclear weapons, threatening the extinction of the entire human race. Two cases of this: Germany is planning to build a factory in Ukraine for the production of tanks and munitions, while deploying their own air defense systems to protect it, meaning direct military conflict between NATO forces and Russian forces. Russia made it clear that such a factory will be a “legitimate target.”

Secondly, Vladimir Putin and Russian Ambassador to Belarus Boris Gryzlov have warned that Poland is building up forces on the Belarus border, while also discussing a higher level of cooperation with Ukraine in the war against Russia. Putin accused Poland of planning to reassert Polish control over portions of western Ukraine, while the Ambassador Gryzlov said, “From the point of view of military science, the Polish authorities’ recent steps and statements cannot be defined other than as preparations for provocative actions and larger-scale aggressive actions.”

At the same time the countries denounced as enemies by the Anglo-American military-industrial controlled political interests, namely Russia, China and nearly all the countries of the Global South, are not only rejecting the demand that they fall in line with the geopolitical division of the world into warring blocs, but are actively and joyfully working with the BRICS countries to establish a new financial system independent of the U.S. dollar, stating openly that this is the necessary result of the U.S. theft of reserve funds of sovereign nations, including Afghanistan, Russia, Venezuela and others, as well as their imposition of illegal unilateral sanctions under the false excuse that the trade of most countries is carried out in dollars. They also proudly acknowledge that China’s Belt and Road Initiative offers real development rather than war.

In the same vein, Russia’s Rosatom State Nuclear Energy Corporation Director General Alexey Likhachev announced today that they are offering “technological sovereignty projects” to African nations: “We are offering [nuclear] technological sovereignty projects related to the entire chain of competences, from personnel training to the creation of facilities on the African continent, as well as the integration of our African partners into the technological chains that we are establishing in Russia and friendly countries,” Likhachev said.

Looking at the world through the eyes of a formerly colonized nation in Africa, Ibero-America or the Asia-Pacific, can there be any question as to which of the two systems being presented to them would serve their sovereign interests? As Helga Zepp-LaRouche noted in a recent discussion with the Schiller Institute, their options amount to “prosper or perish.”

Bringing the world’s political and social forces together to prevent the war that would make the option of “perish” almost certain for the entire human race, is the task of the International Peace Coalition, launched by Helga Zepp-LaRouche over the past months, and the Humanity for Peace alliance, which is mobilizing for an International Day of Action on August 6, the 78th anniversary of the genocidal nuclear destruction of Hiroshima by U.S. President Harry Truman in 1945. The core of that day’s action will be a demonstration at the United Nations building in New York, followed by a performance of Mozart’s Requiem at a nearby church to honor the souls lost on that day and the millions more lost in the perpetual wars fought by those who are now taking us to a global nuclear holocaust.

Join in this mobilization. Go to Humanity for Peace to sign in.

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