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History Is Not Waiting for You, It Is Crying Out for You

Aug. 1, 2023, 2022 (EIRNS)—As has famously been said: Sometimes there are decades when nothing happens, and then there are weeks when decades happen. Events set into motion since Russia’s military operation into Ukraine, and especially since the ensuing response by NATO and Western countries attempting to erase Russia from history, have shown that these coming weeks and months will see monumental changes in the world.

That was the subject of an article yesterday by Russian academic Dmitri Trenin, published in RT, titled “Russia Is Making Its Biggest Geopolitical Shift for 300 Years. Here’s How It’s Playing Out.” The article proceeds to discuss how the July 27-28 held Russia-Africa Summit in St. Petersburg marked “a sea change in Moscow’s worldview and international positioning toward the world’s rising non-Western majority.” Russia is now seeing African nations and other members of the Global South as leading participants in the coming new world. Referencing the location chosen for the summit, Trenin says: “St. Petersburg was founded by Peter the Great in the early 18th century as a ‘window to Europe,’ and last week, it served the same purpose for Africa.”

His assessment was reflected by South African President Cyril Ramaphosa, whose comments during his meeting with Russian President Putin clearly evinced a new platform of relations. “What is particularly pleasing is that Russia conducts its relationship with Africa at a strategic level, and it conducts it with a great deal of respect and recognition of the sovereignty of African states,” Ramaphosa told Putin. The South African President also proposed increased collaboration on space exploration, truly placing their relationship on a future-oriented level.

Then, at the conclusion of the two-day summit, the participants released a final Declaration, making this spirit even clearer. The statement emphasized the need to build “on the historical and time-tested friendly ties” with Russia, and affirmed their “joint struggle for the eradication of colonialism and the establishment of independence of African States.” Consider this in context of the Aug. 22-24 BRICS summit, where host South Africa has just announced that they intend to use this year’s summit to advocate for the integration of the African continent, and as such will be inviting the head of state or government in Africa to participate.

The West’s arrogant geopoliticians are not amused, however, and many schemes are afoot, aimed at sabotage and retaining control. In regards to Southwest Asia, American officials have been meeting with Israeli and Saudi Arabian officials amid a flurry of diplomatic activity. Despite the nominally given reasons of normalization, their main aim is to re-establish an Anglosphere foothold in the region, something which has recently been put in doubt following the March 10 breakthrough between Iran and Saudi Arabia—brokered by China.

To make matters worse for the global war party, Mexico—a nation that Global NATO has been trying desperately to court—has remained distant in regard to the proposed major “peace” summit, to be held on Aug. 5-6 in in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Mexico’s President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said (in Spanish) July 31 that his nation would consider attending only “if the two countries [Ukraine and Russia] are represented,” (Russia is, of course, not invited.) In addition, Brazil has kept an arms-length distance, as its Foreign Ministry announced that President Lula da Silva will not be able to attend because of a scheduling conflict. The “peace formula” summit, in case it’s not obvious, is only the latest attempt by the war faction to concoct a façade of consensus in order to condemn Russia.

The refusal to see this glaring reality, sitting right in front of everyone’s noses, is why Western “leaders” are so dangerously walking the world into World War III. Kamikaze drones are increasingly being aimed against non-military targets inside Russia, only further escalating tensions. And despite the terribly bloody failure of the Ukrainian counteroffensive, that nation is still being encouraged to fight on—maintaining the fantasy that Ukraine will someday take back control of Crimea from Russia. Though that will never happen, the mere notion that it could is evidence of criminal insanity, which should be condemned by every sentient person on the planet.

As former UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter said in an interview Aug. 1, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists has it all wrong: Its Doomsday Clock is not at 90 seconds to midnight—it is .001 seconds to midnight! All it takes is one small mistake, one slight misunderstanding, and nuclear fires will engulf the world, he insisted. Don’t be an idiot—look this reality straight in the eyes.

Therefore, take this week and the lead-up to the international Humanity For Peace demonstrations on Sunday, August 6, as an awesome moment of opportunity to intervene into history. Don’t be caught waiting for everyone to “wake up.” You are needed as a catalyst now.

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