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More Ukrainian Drone Attacks on Russia

Aug. 3, 2023, 2022 (EIRNS)—The Russian Defense Ministry reported this morning a new series of attempted Ukrainian drone strikes, this time on the Kaluga region, between Bryansk and the Moscow region. The Ministry reported that six drones were destroyed by air defenses and caused no casualties or damage. What the target in Kaluga may have been is not indicated, but there is a Russian airbase about 270 km southwest of Moscow that is home to a regiment of Tu-22M supersonic bombers.

The Kiev regime’s campaign isn’t limited to aerial drones but also includes sea surface drones on the Black Sea, where there have been several incidents in recent days. In its update for yesterday, the Defense Ministry reported the second attack in as many days on Russian vessels operating in the southwestern region of the Black Sea. The Ukrainian drone was destroyed by gunfire.

In the face of this threat, the Defense Ministry announced navigation restrictions through the Kerch Strait. “The navigation of all vessels, water and underwater transport, anchoring, docking and flying aircraft, people being in the water as well as other activities are banned in the area bounded by the coastline ... with the exception of vessels sailing during daylight hours along fairways and recommended routes through the Kerch Strait in transit or to ports located in the Kerch Strait,” the statement said, reported TASS. It is noted that an inspection area has been set up for vessels sailing from the Black Sea.

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