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Glazyev Republishes Memo on ‘LaRouche Essentials for Transition to a New International Financial System’

Aug. 7, 2023, 2022 (EIRNS)—The renowned Russian economist, Sergey Glazyev, published on his Telegram channel today the Russian-language version of the June 7 EIR memo, “Some LaRouche Essentials for Transition to a New International Financial System (in Russian.” Glazyev provided his own introduction to the document. Here is a translation from his original Russian:

“Here is a memorandum from the international Schiller Institute on the topical subject of building a dollar-free world monetary and financial system. Helga LaRouche, who sent this memorandum, continues the work of her husband, a great thinker-economist, who more than a quarter of a century ago predicted the inevitable collapse of the dollar monetary system. LaRouche’s famous crocodile—the diverging curves of global GDP growth and the capitalization of the U.S. financial system—has only opened its jaws wider since then, devouring real values in exchange for the issuance of unsecured dollars.”

The Russian-language version of the memo is also available on EIR’s Russian-language website.

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