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One Humanity for Peace: An Idea Whose Time Has Returned!

Aug. 7, 2023, 2022 (EIRNS)—As organizer Cynthia Rush reported from our August 6 worldwide mass intervention carried out yesterday, “Humanity for Peace events held in several Ibero-American (and Asian, African, European, etc.) locations yesterday, even the smallest ones, were characterized by optimism and a fierce commitment to ‘reason and truth,’ as one Dominican friend described it, on behalf of One Humanity.” That report, which along with several other reports that will be covered in Executive Intelligence Review, represent the major new development of world strategic importance in the international situation.

More than that, it represents the successful return, in principle, of the trans-Atlantic world to the conceptual platform of a “dialogue of civilizations” as opposed to a “clash of civilizations” barbaric perspective, an inhuman, Malthusian “trans-valuation of all values” perspective. While this by no means signifies that we have yet done more than establish a strong beachhead for the battle before us, like the Allied forces that landed in Normandy in World War II, we have nonetheless established a moral foothold—resurrecting the nearly-forgotten (in the West) idea of “One Humanity.” By this means, we can connect our own, ever-increasing forces to those, already fighting for humanity’s victory in many parts of Africa, Asia and Ibero-America, and who are standing, despite the City of London and Wall Street, against the opposite, murderous tide.

Helga Zepp-LaRouche’s reflections on this process are the natural lead of today’s report. As she assessed the international Humanity for Peace rallies in discussion with associates today:

“I think we all did a pretty good job with the international rallies over the weekend, which altogether I would say represent a major breakthrough, because it is very clear that it is our movement which is leading this whole effort. People are really very eager to take up ideas which the peace movement so far did not have, at least not in any organized fashion, and that is the idea of how we get out of the war danger for good, because we are not just organizing against the war: We are trying to get a peace for eternity, forever. And people who were at the rally, people who were at the concert or listened to the concert, all got this idea that we are really shaping history. If anybody can do it at this very late hour, it is our effort. I think it was extremely inspiring. We are clearly now in a position to use what we have accomplished with the rallies to go into the next phase, which is that we have to absolutely make sure that every person and every organization on the planet who wants to have peace, and who knows what is at stake, finds out about this. So, I would really think that we should be able to mobilize ... to map out all organizations on the planet ... to put peace on the table for sure.”

 We also note that Russian economist Sergei Glazyev posted the Schiller Institute document “Some LaRouche Essentials for Transition to a New International Financial System” on his Telegram page. “Helga LaRouche, who sent this memorandum, continues the work of her husband, a great thinker-economist, who more than a quarter of a century ago predicted the inevitable collapse of the dollar monetary system,” Glazyev says. “LaRouche’s famous crocodile—the diverging curves of global GDP growth and the capitalization of the U.S. financial system—has only opened its jaws wider since then, devouring real values in exchange for the issuance of unsecured dollars.”

Glazyev’s colorful identification of the LaRouche “Triple Curve” function as the mouth of a crocodile, will hopefully spur interest among those bold enough to wish to engage Russia in the same way as did President John F. Kennedy. That would mean resolving fundamental questions of war and peace, through realizing that physical-economic development, resulting in greater potential relative population density—more people on Earth, living at a higher standard of living, deploying more energy, not less, and more efficiently, provided by far more powerful nuclear and thermonuclear-based technologies, all leading to ordered economic development, rather than exploitation, is the natural condition of peace. Sunday, August 6, in the name of those killed in Hiroshima, and all those unnecessary deaths in all wars, our one humanity took a certain, true worldwide step in this campaign.

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