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YouTube Bans Scott Ritter and Deletes All Videos

Aug. 12, 2023, 2022 (EIRNS)—YouTube has banned Scott Ritter, and also expunged all his previous videos from their platform. Ritter tweeted that his channel, “The Scott Ritter Show,” through which he attempted to “import Russian voices to an American/Western audience,” had been flagged for “hate speech” and taken down without prior warning or any specific examples of the offense. He tweeted, “There was never any hate speech involved in any of the episodes of ‘The Scott Ritter Show,’ unless one views unique content from silenced voices hateful.” The move is “the latest in a series of actions by YouTube to silence Russian voices.” This “represents the living manifestation of the disease of Russophobia which has swept America and U.S.-based social media platforms.”

In a second tweet, Ritter wrote that YouTube had also deleted his “Ask The Inspector” channel, claiming that the move is “a targeted effort by YouTube to remove/minimize my voice, and those of my guests and the people who took the time to ask probing questions about the pressing issues of the day.... Those who are behind this should know—you won’t succeed.” He said that there is a “vast social media world” beyond YouTube, while warning those that remain on the platform that they will at some point have to conform to it or have their channels deleted, too.

Ritter told RT yesterday that both his “Ask the Inspector” and “The Scott Ritter Show” will be “moving to Rumble.”

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