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As Institutions Lose Legitimacy, What Will Replace Them?

Aug. 14, 2023, 2022 (EIRNS)—To what institutions, to what authorities can people of the world turn to seek redress of injustice, to discuss development, to achieve progress?

To the World Bank or International Monetary Fund? Not if you value your sovereignty and don’t want to drive up national debt on “green” energy hoaxes, ill-suited to power a national grid.

To the United States? Not today. The U.S. offers lectures and “security” entanglements that make nations less secure. Have the efforts to induce Ukraine into NATO served that country well?

To the United Nations? It is the only truly global forum for international discussion, and in that respect plays an important and presently unique role. But did the UN Security Council prevent the United States from its British-induced war in Iraq, which has left hundreds of thousands dead and harmed millions? Did the International Criminal Court take on the liars who created that war, such as Tony Blair and George W. Bush? Can it be taken seriously today when it issues an arrest warrant against Vladimir Putin?

Who will defend the survival of mankind, faced with the entirely unnecessary, insane, but nonetheless looming threat of Anglo-American NATO-led nuclear war on the two fronts of Russia and China?

A mandate exists for new, or revived institutions, capable of addressing the world’s needs and of securing a peace of development, through a new security and development architecture.

In what guise will this new leadership emerge?

The expanding Shanghai Cooperation Organization? The expanding BRICS? The China-assisted diplomacy that led to a renewal of ties between Saudi Arabia and Iran? The shifting political terrain in the Sahel region?

These new foci of discussion and decision-making give ample reason for optimism.

The completion of the Algerian East-West Highway, the commitments made at the Central Africa Business Forum to make Central Africa an “energy-poverty-free zone” by 2030, the upcoming lunar landings by Russia and India—these achievements and intentions represent what should be the weekly lived norm of civilized humanity: growth, development, knowledge, and peace.

But the hard work of changing Anglo-American NATO—through an international effort—cannot be avoided.

Some are so self-blinded that they cannot see the beautiful future that is the true destiny of our beautiful species; their meager sense of self-interest is that of preventing the growth of others, like the Zeus of Aeschylus, or like a playground bully. Hell-bent on destroying Russia’s sovereignty and China’s growth, Anglo-American-led NATO sets the world on a hell-bound course of war, economic misery, and ugliness. If this fiercely suicidal intent is not arrested, all that humanity has toiled for, all the beauty we have created, may be lost in the inferno of global nuclear war.

Lyndon LaRouche and the LaRouche movement have been committed for over half a century to achieving the paradigm shift that is now more possible than ever.

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