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Where Does Your Idea of Security Come From?

Aug. 15, 2023, 2022 (EIRNS)—Today marked the opening of the 11th Moscow Conference on International Security, an event where 76 countries and over 800 delegates from around the world came together to discuss the opening theme “Global Security Realities in a Multipolar World.” This was no small showing, and certainly not from an “isolated” Russia. Rather, the proceedings of the day indicate that discussions are ongoing at the highest levels of government around the non-Western world as to what the shape of the world will be in the future—and it shows just how depraved policymakers in the West are by comparison.

Russian President Vladimir Putin opened the summit, saying that, “we see a multipolar world order gradually take shape,” and that “most countries are ready to assert their sovereignty and defend their national interests, traditions, culture and way of life.” He stressed that the world is now ready to address “real solutions,” focused on “improving the quality of life and wellbeing for millions of people,” rather than maintaining hegemony and subjugation from a few neo-colonial states. Furthermore, the President said: “it is only by having the international community work together that we can lower the degree of confrontation on the global and regional levels, neutralize challenges and risks and build confidence between states, while also creating broad development opportunities.”

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu elaborated (in Russian) on the Commander in Chief’s remarks. He boldly stated that the era of the collective West’s dominance has been ended by Russia’s special military operation, and that “these changes have increased the role of countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America in the world system.” Referencing the breakthrough at the July 27-28 Russia-Africa Summit in St. Petersburg, Shoigu said the event “strengthened our conviction that countering neo-colonialism, along with countering the terrorist threat, is a basic element of cooperation,” and added proudly that Russia’s role in the world is becoming that of “a locomotive in promoting the interests of the majority of independent states.”

To round out this picture, consider what was said by Gen. Li Shangfu, (in Russian) Defense Minister of China. Li said that “against the background of colossal changes, President Xi Jinping put forward an initiative on global security,” which “offers the Chinese option to solve security problems in maintaining world peace.” Among these are the Global Security Initiative’s coherence with world peace, that it reflects the hope for harmonious coexistence, and that it reflects the aspiration for universal development, Li said. “Poverty is a source of instability,” he stressed.

It is clear that the Chinese-Russian view of “security” has developed a principled foundation for future country-to-country relations moving into a new era—a foundation which much of the rest of the world is interested in standing upon. In short: Only by working together for win-win benefits, including the major element of solving economic underdevelopment, can true security be achieved.

Now, contrast that to the concept of “security” coming from NATO and the not-so-united West. It was announced Aug. 13 that Finland is now in discussions with the U.S. on a defense cooperation agreement which will permit the deployment of American troops into Finland. If fulfilled, American troops could be stationed along Finland’s more than 800-mile border with Russia, in a reverse Cuban missile crisis on steroids. Mikael Antell at Finland’s Ministry for Foreign Affairs said that the agreement “significantly strengthens Finland’s security and defense.”

If this is anything like the security and defense assistance provided to Ukraine, Finns should take heed. NATO’s and the Anglo-American offers of security to Ukraine have resulted in hundreds of thousands of dead Ukrainian young men and a country that will take decades to rebuild, if it even survives. Those still believing that peace and security are achieved by force and strong-arming your opponent into submission are more dangerous than a drunk driver behind the wheel of a semi-truck.

Not only is such pretense at thinking insane—it’s not working. Russia has been rapidly rebuilding Mariupol—a year ago in the heat of war—which today is beginning to experience living conditions even better than before the war began. Central Africa, along with China and Russia’s assistance in developing its energy and infrastructure, may soon raise its living standards above those in areas of Mississippi and Detroit. Many other African countries are now in the planning stages to receive new Russian nuclear reactors. Perhaps if Maui is ever to be rebuilt after the devastating fires, the U.S. will need to bring in the Russians and Chinese to help!

What would be better yet, is a change of heart within Western nations, and a decision to revive that anti-imperial tradition which once existed. From that vantage point, it would be the most natural thing to collaborate with this growing ferment among the BRICS and Global South for a new, just international economic architecture, where those “real problems” can be finally worked out. That would be the United States the world longs to see again. Join the mobilization to organize for a breakthrough.

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