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Hey You! Wake Up! Beware the Boomerang Effect

Aug. 16, 2023, 2022 (EIRNS)—In less than a week, high-level representatives from over 65 developing sector nations, sometimes referred to as the Global Majority, will gather in Johannesburg, South Africa, under the auspices of the 15th BRICS heads of state and government summit. They will discuss the modalities for expanding the BRICS beyond its current five members (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa); but more significantly they will deliberate on how to create a new international financial and economic system to replace the destructive, bankrupt trans-Atlantic financial system run by the City of London and Wall Street. Their task is urgent, because that system is thundering down, even as you read these words.

Those gathered at the Aug. 22-24 summit will be motivated by their commitment to put an end to the centuries-long era of colonial and neo-colonial looting of their nations, people and resources; and to embark on science-driven industrialization, with respect for each other’s national sovereignty.

Americans should be bursting with pride at what is about to happen in Johannesburg. These are the same issues which led to Washington’s anti-colonial American Revolution, Lincoln’s defeat of British slavery in the Civil War, FDR’s victory over fascism in World War II. Americans have always taken pride in helping other nations defeat poverty, achieve industrialization, and foster science and classical culture.

So what is Washington doing today—along with the governments of Europe—under the tutelage of Wall Street and the City of London? We have launched all-out financial warfare to overthrow governments or otherwise prevent nations from joining the BRICS effort to achieve economic development: witness Argentina, Egypt, Türkiye, Iran, and numerous nations in Africa. For those in the Global Majority that don’t understand the language of financial warfare, there is always assassination—such as the wave currently sweeping Ecuador—to send the message of the consequences of bucking the current system.

Inside the United States, that same financial Establishment is trying to cow Americans into submission and docility. If you merely question the outcome of elections, you run the risk of being given the Trump treatment and going to jail. If you are in favor of peace and a negotiated settlement to NATO’s war against Russia in Ukraine, Sen. Marco Rubio thinks you are a Russian or Chinese agent, and should be charged with violations of the Foreign Agent Registration Act and sent to jail. And if you believe that free speech should include the right to use social media to express your political views, you will be vilified and gagged on YouTube, as just happened to Scott Ritter.

The intended message is clear: Don’t stand up, or else. The majority of humanity is now rejecting such threats; Americans should join them.

The central strategic problem, Helga Zepp-LaRouche stated on her weekly webcast today, is that “the Western Establishment refuses to recognize that their policies have caused a boomerang effect”: They have led to a stampede out of the dollar by targeted nations; to a cementing of the China-Russia relationship against the West; to “a major strategic revolt from the side of developing countries, that absolutely don’t want to be under the yoke of colonialism any more.”

Either American and European citizens—yes, you and your neighbors—reverse those self-destructive policies and join with the Global Majority gathering in South Africa next week, or we, too, shall be hit in the head by that same boomerang, and humanity will probably not survive to tell the tale.

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