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New Member States Welcome Invitation To Join the BRICS

Aug. 24, 2023, 2022 (EIRNS)—Leaders of the six nations revealed as new members of the BRICS responded to the announcement by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi this morning.

Egypt: In a statement released by the Egyptian Presidency, President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi said, “We value the trust bestowed upon us by all member states of the [BRICS] bloc, with whom we share robust ties, and we look forward to fruitful collaboration with them in the coming period, as well as with the invited countries.” This comes with the aim of achieving the group’s objectives of enhancing economic cooperation among member states, he said, adding that the group is meant to uphold the voices of Southern nations in addressing diverse developmental issues in a way that supports the rights and interests of developing countries.

United Arab Emirates: From Johannesburg, U.A.E. President Mohammed bin Zayed tweeted on X that “We respect the vision of the BRICS leadership and appreciate the inclusion of the U.A.E. as a member to this important group. We look forward to a continued commitment of cooperation for the prosperity, dignity and benefit of all nations and people around the world.”

Ethiopia: Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed hailed what he called “a great moment” for his country. “Ethiopia stands ready to cooperate with all for an inclusive and prosperous global order,” Abiy tweeted.

Iran: President Ebrahim Raisi, in Johannesburg, called the decision of to expand the BRICS “commendable,” and said Iran’s membership will have “history-making” benefits. “BRICS can help solve the problems of the international community,” he remarked, underscoring that “global trust in the effectiveness of BRICS is increasing.” Moreover, “the Islamic Republic of Iran very resolutely supports the successful endeavors of BRICS in line with de-dollarization from the trade and economic interactions between the members and also making use of local currencies.”

Saudi Arabia: Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan said from Johannesburg that “we look forward to developing this cooperation to create new developmental and economic opportunities and elevate our relationship to the aspired level.” According to Al Jazeera, the Prince told Saudi channel Al Arabiya that the Kingdom welcomed the invitation but would review the details in order to make an “appropriate decision” before the January 1 date for joining.

Argentina: In a message to the nation this morning, President Alberto Fernández emphasized that membership in the BRICS “strengthens us” and “opens a new scenario for Argentina.” Now “we are going to be protagonists of a common destiny in a bloc that represents over 40% of the global population. We will continue to strengthen fruitful, autonomous and diverse relations with other nations of the world,” as “the BRICS are for Argentina a new opportunity. ... Projecting a peaceful, friendly, realistic and dignified nation toward the world is at the heart of our foreign policy,” he said, reported Página 12.

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