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India Is on the Moon Thanks to Fossil Fuels

Aug. 28, 2023, 2022 (EIRNS)—Prof. Franco Battaglia, (in Italian) a member of the Clintel-Italy group of scientists, argues that India is today able to land a spacecraft on the South Pole of the Moon thanks to fossil fuels. Thanks to coal, which produces 72% of its electricity, India has electrified 100% of the country. Thirty years ago, only half of India’s population had electricity, before the country massively accelerated using fossil fuels, particularly coal. India also produces 5 GW of nuclear-generated electricity, which is not much, “but gives an idea of the country’s intentions.”

Battaglia developed this point in an Aug. 23 posting on the website of Nicola Porro. Battaglia writes: “By tapping its abundant coal reserves, India has embarked on a journey to alleviate energy poverty, spur industrial growth, and improve the lives of millions of people. And this is thanks to coal.

“Electric lighting has replaced kerosene lamps, improving indoor air quality and reducing health risks. It has also expanded educational opportunities, allowing students to study after dark. Daily routines have been transformed as families can engage in activities once limited to daylight hours only. And this is thanks to coal....

“And the percentage is set to rise, whatever Greta Thunberg and her followers may say. In fact, millions of Indians, satisfied with improvements in the economy and proud of the lunar goal, do not give a damn about Western leaders’ hostility to fossil fuels. Not least because India is capable of training first-rate physicists, and scientists in general, who are perfectly aware that fossil fuels have nothing to do with climate.”

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