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Chinese and African Defense Officials Discuss African Security

Aug. 29, 2023, 2022 (EIRNS)—On Aug. 29, China hosted the Third China-Africa Peace and Security Forum in Beijing. Present were more than 100 security officials from Africa, representing 50 African nations. Chinese Defense Minister Li Shangfu keynoted the forum, saying that the world has entered a new period of turmoil and change, that human society is facing unprecedented challenges. China is willing to work with Africa to carry forward traditional friendship, jointly promote the implementation of global security initiatives in China-Africa cooperation, jointly respond to security challenges, safeguard international fairness and justice, and inject more certainty, stability and positive energy into the world, he said. China and Africa should thoroughly implement the important consensus reached by their leaders, strengthen strategic communication and practical cooperation, further improve the quality and effectiveness of security cooperation, and make new and greater contributions to maintaining regional and global security, he said.

“China is the biggest developing country and Africa is the continent home to the largest number of developing countries. China and Africa share weal and woe, and China is ready to firmly stand with the African people to implement the [Global Security Initiative] and build a China-Africa community with a shared future,”

Li said. “In the future, China will enhance military cooperation with Africa in various fields, including joint exercises, peacekeeping and escorting, military education as well as professional training in order to inject more certainty, stability and positive energy [in]to a turbulent world,” Li told the audience.

African representatives also spoke on the issues of African peace and security, African maritime security, anti-terrorism in Africa, and the situation in the Horn of Africa. The representatives expressed their heartfelt thanks to China for its strong support for peace and security in Africa, stressing that they looked forward to further strengthening mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation with China, and striving to create a better future for the African and Chinese people. African officials also praised the Global Security Initiative proposed by President Xi Jinping.

Defense Minister Li met separately with defense officials from Senegal, Comoros, Republic of Congo (Brazzaville), Cameroon, Ghana, Zambia, South Sudan, Gambia, Mauritania, Uganda, and other countries’ defense departments attending the forum, as well as the Political Affairs and Peace and Security Committee of the African Union Commission.

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