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RT Establishes Why BRICS Is No Threat to the West

Aug. 29, 2023, 2022 (EIRNS)—RT questioned in an Aug. 26 news article, “The Western Propaganda Machine Claims BRICS Is a ‘Challenge to NATO’ and a ‘Mortal Threat’—Is This True?”: 

“The group has been described as a ‘challenge to NATO,’ a ‘new world order’ and a ‘mortal threat to the West.’ Now, after the organization’s summit in Johannesburg, there will be more such statements.

“This is a fascinating narrative. But the harsh, boring truth is that BRICS does not unite ‘anti-capitalist countries’—and even the only de jure communist country in the alliance (China) is far removed from Marxist practices. Nor is BRICS a grouping of poor countries—the five members account for almost a third of the global economy, and Russia has long been classed as a developed state.”

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